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Solo Travel Guide

As times are changing, the travelling style of people is also changing. People now a day prefers solo holiday as compared to family or group holiday. Over the last few years solo travellers have become a new trend amongst people of different age groups. This not only applies to singles in their 20’s or 30’s but also to older married couples wanting a break from their every life. Solo holiday is the ideal way to explore the exotic locations of the world.

There are many travel planners and agencies on the internet that have exclusive packages for solo travellers to places of their choice be it Paris, Las Vegas, Mexico, thialand or new Zealand. Solo travellers can also go for custom made packages where in they get decide their itinerary. With these custom-made deals the solo travellers can also decide where they would like to stay, places they want to see, and so on.

The basic problem that many solo travellers tend to face is cost of travelling. Solo travellers tend to become a victim of single supplement in the hands of many hotels who over charge them. In single supplement the solo traveller is charged for occupying a twin room. It is like being punished for having some quality time by your self away from the world.

There are many ways in which a solo traveller can enjoy a no single supplement holiday. Firstly, you can share your room with other solo travellers. You can travel in a solo group holiday, a great way to not only get to know new people but also saving your hard earned money. But for those do not like sharing room with strangers due to privacy reasons should travel during the off peak seasons. During this time period the hotels want to increase their occupancy rate and thus waive the single supplement or bargain with them for some good discounts.

Another way is to take up a holiday package deal from a reputed travel agency or planner rather than planning your holiday on your own. These agencies have the important knowledge to help you in your quest for cost reducing accommodation options. They also have tie up with many hotels and bed and breakfast, and thus they tend to let go of single supplement.

There are also bargain online trip deals available to solo travellers who can afford to take unplanned breaks or holidays. No single supplement holiday can also be availed by booking a cruise. A single traveller can have the times of their lives abroad some ship travelling to some captivating locales.

So with so many options to reduce your travelling expenses especially single supplement, it is hard to resists solo travelling.

Raj Aryan is a content writer. Presently working with a make my trip company. Find India Travel Guide and India Travel Agency

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