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Special Design for Supra by Samantha Ronson

Samantha Ronson x Supra Indy. In prevalent cultural circle, Samantha Ronson is a famous DJ and songwriter, the winner of the well-known Grammy, and also the sister of producer, Mark Ronson. The relation between her and the punker Lindsay Lohan is always being chased by tab everyday. While in the gym shoes world, few people know that she is a good friend and supporter when Supra set up. Anyhow, Supra invited her to participate a design for Autumn Series of Supra Indy. That its vamp is made by black leather and adorns gold leather is the most attractive feature. In honor of this jointly signed cooperation, Supra hosted a wonderful party in Chicago Saturday. Samantha was charged with DJ, in addition, super star GZA came there. But it did not release the shoe in the scene. Now the shoe is hot sell in Factory413. Please do not miss it if you like it.

Supra TK Society – X Games 15. As soon as the signature series Supra shoes show up, it draws lots of vision all the time. This time, it also gains more fresh flowers and clapping. Supra skytop To the 15th X-Games Extreme Sports, this mold of Supra TK Society is tailored for the Challengers. This time also pushes out two new products of bright and starry colors. The front sole of the two shoes is all made of black chamois, up to the back section and reinforce ribbon, you can see fluorescence green or pink leather as heightening. We hope Kenedy can wear one of these to appear on the street skids game Saturday. In the final match, he could display the other for us. It is still unknown the exact listing time.

Supra NS. 2009 Fall Series is expected by many people. Looking from the appearance, it units the zebra-stripe and the pithof plangi suit. In the next, it appears the suits of Skytops and Indys. They are designed by Samantha Ronson. They both are black wrinkled cover and in mental gold color. They are sold in the famous shop, Factory413. In August, they also will push off the new product of mix making of black breather leather and horsehair.

Lil Wayne Supra Skytop Custom. In the American BET 2009 Awards, people appreciated the best hop live show and also noticed the unknown silver sports shoes. It is the brand of Supra. You must have the thought how Lil Wayne get it. In fact, it has a powerful backing. It is designed by artist CIVIL who is active in Paris and Berlin. It is a birthday gift for Lil Wayne’s 26. It is such a stunner.
SUPRA Spokesman Justin Biber
Justin Bieber is king of pop throughout Canada. One Time, his individual single son, soon gets raged after its destruction.
He has not only the outstanding artist talent, but also has a good skill of creative work, gum, dance, guitar, musical instrument, and trumpet. He also has a smart likeable appearance. As his song on the Internet video, he soon got well-known. Then he was explored by broker Scooter Braun. After discussing with Usher, Scooter Braun decided to accept in the company. In recent years, he is widespread in the Internet. He is far beyond others by clicking in the world video, Baby. He runs the second about the number of fans in Twitter. He is in the third place of 2011 Forbes list of global hundred superstars.

Supra TK Society and cool shoes is what we all require to stay be fashionable. Anyone can simply Chaussure Supra and get safe.