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Speeding Solicitors Can Save You From A Driving Ban

Driving offences are not all about speeding, but thanks to the explosion in the use of speed cameras, they are far away the most common. So many regular, ordinary every day people, who wouldn’t dream of calling of themselves criminals have been prosecuted and are racking up points on their driving license for these prosecutions. Most people just shrug their shoulders and pay up when they get a fine and conviction. It’s not great, but what can you do. However as your points start to tot up and you start to get nearer to twelve, you run the risk of a lengthy driving ban, which can be catastrophic. If that’s the case for you, there is something you can do. Turn to speeding solicitors.

The law that governs the use of speed cameras and the procedure for prosecution is much more complex than people realise. It’s not simply a case of the speed camera clocking you at whatever speed, getting the letter and paying up. All sorts of things can be checked and challenged. Of course, you the humble motorist cannot be expected to know all this, which is where speeding solicitors come in. They know the system inside out. They’ve studied it in great detail and have extensive experience fighting these convictions, so know what to look out for. You might baulk at paying a solicitor to get involved in something so seemingly minor, but as those points start adding up and you start getting closer and closer to an outright ban well, the economic impact could have devastating consequences for you and your family.

Driving offences such as speeding can be a little harsh. You might have been caught just over the limit late at night with no other traffic on the road. Cameras don’t discriminate or make judgements based on individual cases. It’s no wonder people get angry and challenge intentions of prosecution. So if you find yourself in this position, there is something you can do. A solicitor can make all the difference between three more points or one more step towards a lengthy driving ban.

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