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The Pros And Cons Of Google Maps

Users embedding a Google map on their website will not only make it more user-friendly but also enable people to access your business location with more ease. It does not matter which business you are in- education, hotel business, travel and tourism, or offering services and goods to your customers. These maps can augment the interactive quotient of your website. Thus, more and more people would be interested to visit your site.

When you consider the advantages of Google maps, the first thing that comes to mind is the ease with which you can reach your desired destination. Since different map views are available for Google maps, the user can choose from the options of a terrain view, normal map view, or satellite image view based on his/her individual needs.

Another advantage of Google maps is its ability to get directions based on your own mode of travel. Thus, irrespective of whether you are walking, using public transportation or your own car, you can get the directions for a hassle free journey. Businesses can use the software to find missing locations, which are not shown in traditional route maps.

One more point needs to be counted upon when you are talking about the advantages of Google maps. If you need directions that include numerous stops, you can add a new destination to the Google map with only a single click.

If you are now thinking that the entire scenario related to Google maps is rosy, think again. Despite their advantages, these maps have their own cons too. Typically,many webmasters are concerned about the quality and accuracy issues of the maps. Many people complain that the content and data as shown by the web maps are not as accurate as they would like them to be.

Since Google maps need a high bandwidth, they may not be accessible by many users having poor network connection or those who use handheld devices to surf the internet. Users who own hand-held devices with small screens like Smartphones are especially at the receiving end as the entire map of an area can’t be displayed optimally on the screen sizes that measure only a few inches. Another threat that works against the usage of Google maps is the chance of copyright infringement where anyone can steal your maps and its data without your permission.

Though much has been said in favor of and against Google maps, it goes without saying that these maps are here to stay, thanks to their interactive nature and user friendliness.

Godfrey Ko, website developer and software author since 1996. Some of his software creations including a online Flash Video Player, and Interactive Map Builder.

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