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Top Beaches

A holiday is a great time to relax and unwind; to forget the business of the day to day life and kick back. And where better to do this than on a lovely deserted beach? With so many beaches to choose from, it is hard to become confused about where is the best place to go. So have a look at the selection of beach destinations below for some great tips and you may just find a little gem.

Bora Bora, Tahiti – this tiny little island is protected by a lagoon so the water is always warm and calm, and the beaches are sandy and white. The island is one of the French Polynesian islands, and attracts couples and people who are looking for a quiet respite from life.


The Hamptons, New York – boasting some of the prettiest beaches in America, the Hamptons are exclusive and the hang out of the rich and famous. The hotels are posh and smart and the Hamptons are a great place to visit if you have moment to spend and some time to kill!


Fraser Island, Australia – off the coast of Queensland, the Fraser Islands are virtually untouched and is the largest island in the world.  One thousand year old rainforests pepper the island and there are lodgings for your stay. The unspoilt beauty brings in eco lovers and beach fans in their droves each year.


Langkawi, Malaysia – the name, meaning ‘the land of ones wishes’ is a favourite traveller destination, and it is reported to have been a refuge and hideaway for pirates in centuries gone by. The island is beautiful and peaceful and now plays home to peace hunting travellers searching for their little slice of heaven.


The Seychelles – homing one of the most photographed beaches in the world, the Seychelles is famous for pink sands and calm waters. You can see the colourful fish in the shallow waters and the reef that protects the island means the water is warm and calm, just perfect for bathing!


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