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Top Strangest Images on Google Street View

Google Earth is the satellite that allows human beings to “fly anywhere” to see most of places in the world. A giant cruise ship crossing buildings, cities, parks and even a seabed is established just by a few clicks of computer mouse. In the past, people travel around to see “Seven Wonders of the world”; nowadays, they spot thousands of place which they wonder “what is this”. Google Earth enables human to see anything from North Pole to the South Pole, from a shipwrecks to a bicycle, from a football field to just small bikini on the beach. However, with Google Earth, Google Map and Google Street View, people can see what they had not ever expected before. The strangest and most enigmatic Google Street View sightings ever are put together below.


Horse Boy

A man wearing a horse mask makes several appearances on the street of Aberdeen, Scotland. The first time he is spotted in Hardgate in Aberdeen with in a purple jumper and a rubber horse’s head mask. The second time he returned with the green jumper with a schoolgirl on Hazlemere Road.


More mysteriously, Google has removed those captures from Street View.


Oceanic Flight 815

Summer 2010, Google Earth captured Oceanic Flight 815 under the Atlantic Ocean near Long Beach, New York. Seriously, Google made the image disappear.


Jesus in a Field

Google Earth reveals a strange image in a field in Hungary this spring. Some people claim that the picture is a grandiose proportion image of Jesus’s face.


Siamese Twins

Google Street View captured a man with three arms, three legs, and two heads. This image has not been explained yet.


Lifeless Body on the Street

A girl is captured as a lifeless body with face down lying on UK’s pavement. Most interestingly, the girl who plays dead on the street turns out to be fine.


Smoke Monster

The strange cloud formation is found in a town of Italy. It looks like a smoke monster appearing in the hit TV series “Lost”.


The Almighty and Son

A strange and vague shape is caught by Street View cameras above the lake in Quarten, Switzerland. The blurry figures resemble the Almighty and his Son.


Giant Pliers

In the early of 2010, Google Street View spotted a pair of giant floating pliers in West Bromwich town, United Kingdom. The plier which is about to strike a chimney was blamed for a fault of technique.


Naked Guy in Trunk

In Germany, a naked guy was spotted in a truck next to his clothes and a dead-looking dog. The photo is currently under review.


UFO Over Sydney

Street View spotted a strange saucer-shaped object flying near Sydney’s Harbour Bridge in Australia. It is definitely inconclusive what is the flying-saucer-like thing



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