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Traveling Tips To Izmir

Izmir is a great tourist destination in Turkey famous for its local cuisine. Here you will discover many fine restaurants where you can try some traditional dishes such as tarhana, a sort of soup made with yogurt, tomatoes, and meatballs. Seafood is also very popular in Izmir, so if this is the kind of food you like to eat do not hesitate to try some of their very popular dishes. Sword fish is the main ingredient of their seafood dishes as the fish is abundant in the nearby waters . Fried figs are also something you may like to try, but if you do not want to upset your stomach with foods it is not accustomed to you can always have a kebab, a pizza, or some fries. Another good thing about food in Izmir is that it is very cheap and makes traveling on a budget much easier. However, if you want to try some fancy cocktails be prepared to take some money out of your pocket as they can be quite expensive.

Another activity, besides eating delicious meals, is shopping. There are so many shops that you will have great difficulty leaving one for the next. Here you can buy handcrafted objects, traditional rugs, or an evil eye talisman which is very popular in countries such as Turkey and Greece. If you are aiming for a modern type of shopping, try Kanak Pier which caters to international tourists while still selling souvenirs. Bazaars are the traditional shops in Izmir and you can haggle for a better price as this is the local custom.

The sandy beaches in Izmir are very appealing to tourists and they offer plenty of opportunities to engage in some exciting water sports. You can try parasailing, jet skiing, or simply hop in a banana boat and enjoy the ride.

Nightlife is very active in Izmir and you can go to any of the popular clubs to see belly dancing performed by traditional Turkish dancers. Other entertainment options include a cinema and a theater where you can go with your family. Nightly entertainment is of course readily available for the younger crowd.

You can also use your trip to Izmir as the ideal opportunity for exploration. Pergamum is situated about one hundred kilometers from Izmir and here you can trace back civilizations that once ruled over the land. The city was erected in the honor of local deities and the ruins Roman and Byzantine are still standing. You will also find many monuments and temples as well as other historical sites. If you do not want to travel that far you can indulge in some local exploration by paying a visit to the Velvet Fortress erected on Mount Pagos during the third century. Izmir is also the place where you will be able to discover the legendary seven churches from the Book of Revelations.

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