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Turkey Hunting Tips

Anyone who is planning to go turkey hunting should know that there are some great turkey hunting tips that they should be aware of. These tips will help them to get started and to have the most success on all their turkey hunting trips.


There are literally thousands upon thousands of different turkey hunting tips that you would find useful at some point, but you will learn more and more as you progress and gain more experience in the sport. For the time being, there are a few in particular that will come in handy during your hunting adventures.

One of the best tips involves setting up properly. When you are setting up on wild turkeys ahead of daylight, you need to make sure that you do not get to close to their roosting places. This is important for one because you want to get the best possible view, but also because you do not want them to hear you coming.

You are basically attempting to get closest to the turkey without spooking it off, and if you have found a tom that is placed on a hillside or part way up a crest you need to make an effort to climb the hill and then do the calling from a spot above the gobbler or in any case on the equal level.

Another tip is to never endeavor to shoot a swaggering gobbler. Instead, you should wait until the turkey comes out of the swagger and extends its neck. This is because your goal with turkey hunting is to be able to take the best possible shot and plainly collect the turkey, so don’t make it any more difficult than you have to.

Patience is really a key trait here, and so one of the most important tips that any turkey hunter needs to know is this. You cannot get frustrated, and perhaps the most ignored ability in wild turkey hunting is the aptitude of being able to sit motionless and wait for a turkey to come around. Many people simply get bored and cannot handle doing this, so if you don’t have patience this may not be the sport for you.

With turkey hunting the best idea is to constantly be researching and reading and learning new things. There are really never enough tips and techniques that you can learn, because all of them are going to help you in your quest and offer you the best chances when you head out there on your next turkey hunting adventure.

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