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Unique Hedge Fund Investing Opportunity

Predator Files research reports give you access to highly sophisticated analytical techniques and institutional money flows that we use to successfully manage money in our hedge funds.
Monty Agarwal, the founder of MA Capital Management, LLC has been trading capital for the largest global banks since 1996.  In 2004 he started Predator Global Master Fund.
→ Predator Global Master Fund had no losing year and beat the Barclay Hedge CTA
Index every single year

→ Predator Global Master Fund was nominated as the Best New Asian Hedge Fund and the Best Asian Relative Value Fund in 2005

Why are Predator Files so unique?

As a retail investor or an individual trader, your choices for research are limited.

Broker Research: It is generally biased and the recommendations are designed to sell the broker’s products or help it get rid of the risk in its own books.

Newsletters:  Most newsletters are written by people who are professional writers or media journalists and are a regurgitation of events that have already transpired.  I implore you to always read the experience of these newsletter writers closely as you will see that hardly any of them have any experience trading capital, let alone a consistent profitable track record.  Most of them are journalists, financial advisors, marketers and brokers by trade.  On the other hand, my experience speaks for itself.

Scams: Ridiculous claims of techniques that will help you double and triple your money in weeks and months are as bogus as the people pushing them.  If those claims were even 10% true, the publishers of those claims would be running a hedge fund and managing real money, because frankly the fees for running hedge funds are much larger.  I would know, as I have been running hedge funds since 2004.

Institutional quality, value added research is very expensive and costs upwards of $ 30k/year. E.g. Ned Davis ($ 30k/year), Gavekal ($ 35k/yr), BCA Research ($ 50k/year), etc.

Please visit us at to read more about Predator Files and the firm and sign up for a FREE trial period.

Monty returned to the US and launched his hedge fund Predator Global Master Fund in 2004. The fund was nominated as the Best New Asian Hedge Fund and Best Asian Relative Value Hedge Fund, 2005 by Eurekahedge and Terrapinn and had a profitable track record when it was sold in September 2006.

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