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Many homes may not be installed with a central vacuum system, mainly because of the expense and intricate details you would have to consider. Homebuilders and homeowners alike invest in a central vacuum system to increase the value of their home as well as provide convenience in cleaning. To find out if a central vacuum system is right for you, consider the following points:

1. Do you currently own the property that you want to install the central vacuum in? If not, will you be able to negotiate with your landlord?

2. Have you carefully planned out the placement of your inlets? Is there space on the wall which you can install wall inlets for your vacuum hose to go through?
3. Do you have the finances available for installation? If you are an avid DIYer, installing a central vacuum system can be a snap! However, if you are not, central vacuums often range around $ 600 and more.

4. What central vacuum feature draws you in? Is it the convenience, ease of cleaning, or the home value increase? If you like the majority of these features, a central vacuum may be a great asset to your home!

Even if a central vacuum is not right for you, you may want to consider its benefits for later consideration. Central vacuums are easy to maintain. Before you vacuum, you suck up a maintenance wipe through each inlet, and bravo! It’s cleaned from the inside. Central vacuums are built with durability and quality in mind. These vacuums have been known to run for 10 years or more, and imagine purchasing a new upright vacuum each year! Clearly, the cost of a central vacuum pays for itself in maintenance

savings, however if that does not do the trick, the added value to your home can run to $ 2,000!
Also, central vacuum inlets are universal, so you don’t have to buy the same brand all across. That is, your central vacuum can be a Sequoia, and your attachments can come from Budd. You wouldn’t have to worry about keeping a consistent brand in order to use your central vacuum. If anything, you should worry over your cleaning first!

Central vacuum systems also can be outfitted by toe-sweeps, which are vents that are piped to your central vacuum’s dust container. These toe-sweeps would make excellent additions to your kitchen or dining room, or in all areas where there is a hard, flat floor. This makes it easy to sweep dust into, without the need to bend over! You don’t have to strain yourself while using a central vacuum, either. Stairs and deep corners are a cinch, since you’re only using a hose. So there is absolutely no need to lug around a unit up and down the stairs with a central vacuum system, consider the categories of vacuum cleaners like Eureka vacuum cleaners, Canister vacuum cleaner and Pet Vacuum Cleaner and make great investments for homes.

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