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Yacht Charter Turkey

A luxury yacht charter doesn’t have to be just a dream any longer. Already this summer 2013 it can become real for you. Elle Yachting, a professional yacht charter Turkey, is making this possible for you at a good reasonable price.

Two main destinations Elle Yachting is offering for a yacht holiday are Turkey and the Greek Islands. Turkey with its magnificent Southwest coast is nearly an ‘oldie’ among the yacht charter itineraries. But even after years it is still very popular and worldwide famous. Maybe if you hear the GreekIslands you are thinking now of Rhodes, Crete orKos. But these are just 3 islands. In fact, the number of islands from which most of them are belonging to Greece is overwhelming. There are smaller and larger islands among them. But one island which has a very special own and unforgettable character is Santorini. This island is really worth to visit and gives the word ‘impressive’ a completely new meaning.

Santorini belongs to the Greek islands group Cyclades. You can see this island already from far away. It seems to be enthroned on top of a very huge mountain. But what you think is a mountain it is not a mountain. It is the huge rest of volcanic stone. When you the leave your yacht in its harbour and explore the island you will notice hundreds of little churches. If you are religious or not, just go in one of them and light a little candle. It will be a special moment for sure.

Greek Island sor the turkish Southwest coast what will be your yacht charter destination this summer? At the moment you still have enough time for booking a luxury yacht. Come on board and make your dream at the sea real.

Luxury yacht charter holiday is a vacation type for every generation. For young people as well as for the ones who are still young in the heart a yacht holiday Turkey can be very interesting.

The sea expresses infinity, freedom and calmness. Already the feeling of travelling at this sea, can have a positive effect on your general well-being and on your soul. You can say it abates social stress, which in today’s life is so present like it has never been before in our society.

Think of all the different activities and entertainment possibilities, which can jolly everybody along.  Lay on deck of your luxury yacht or at a wonderful sandy beach and get a nice tan. Feel the warm sun rays on your skin and breathe the fresh sea air. When it is getting to warm for you can easily refresh yourself in the cool sea water or you can have an afternoon nap under deck in your cabin. Especially to our very little and young customers as well as to our older customers we recommend to avoid the midday heat cause in the high season the temperatures can exceed 45 degrees.

Elle Yachting serves its guests a luxury holiday service with a customer-focused high-class mentality.

Because of the possible problems to be caused by online reservation, for tour details to plan your dream holiday, special options, demands and reservation, please communicate with us directly.

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