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★ TIME TRAVELERS ARE REAL See proof that there are real time travelers and who they are.
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Dezarie - Travelers

Reggae Ragga.


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  1. whiterottenrabbit says:

    1:22: It’s a woman, for fuck’s sake! Please stop making shitty Youtube
    videos, you attention whore!

  2. dontheguy1 says:

    Hay, I thought I saw Jerry Lewis in a picture taken 120 year ago…Nah,
    couldn’t be.

  3. Joel T says:

    That was a woman

  4. themaster8902 says:

    Ok I am still waiting to see proof of time travel. And why does it have to
    be The Government that is sending actors back in time (photoshop photos)

  5. empirical43 says:

    The only thing that is logical about time travel is if you have time, you
    can travel.

  6. Jessestrongbow says:

    This is Big Crap Video!

  7. ClaretBlueLove says:

    2:57 somebody reached the tomb earlier than you did.

  8. Jano Sandrika says:

    No.1 its photoshop
    No.2 its looks like laptop but its normal notebook
    No.3 its Not an mp3 its maybe a divise or something like that
    No.4 Maybe he wanted to shake ear?
    No.5 Same as 4
    Actors are just photoshoped there :D

  9. cpcoasternut says:

    meth is a hell of a drug

  10. Brian Bingham says:

    Wow! Is that really Nicholas Cage?

  11. DrunkenMadman says:

    the internet is full of crackpots!

  12. Miguel Morales says:

    photoshopped-i clearly see it

  13. zach bennett says:

    Practically everything is photoshopped

  14. Rafik Lababidi says:

    Thomas Edison and his friend invented the phone

  15. Just a Quad says:

    1:04 “this man”? It’s Tsar Alexander the II (I think it’s the 2nd) of
    Russia…I highly doubt he is a time traveller, if he was, then he would
    have escaped his own execution. Also, it is obviously not an mp3

  16. Eric Haney says:

    Put down the drugs!

  17. rainBOSSBADdash says:

    Let me tell you somthin ma boy, back in the days of non retardation, and
    effort, not all rectangles where I pads phones and laptops, they where
    cradles of knowledge known as … Wait for it …. BOOKS DUMBASS, and try
    not to take yourself too seriously with that painfully annoying music,
    sounds like crap

  18. Pyroder45 says:

    The astronaut is a old scuba diver and hes not in space hes underwater

  19. Bob Bobbington says:

    First one: The pattern was sewn into a sweater, those sunglasses were in
    style, so was the haircut. Second one: IT WAS A NOTEPAD, YOU FOOL. Third
    one: That only looks in the most BASIC form like a media player. Fourth
    one: And where is this cellphone? Nowhere. Fifth one: You obviously have
    bad eyesight by now, because A: That is a woman. B: She is using a hearing
    device. Sixth one: Lookalikes. All those ones with modern things on old
    things ermagerd! PHOTOSHOPPING! Last one: Well that depends.

  20. Petr Maly says:

    1) He is taking a picture with his folding camera. 2) It is acer, it has no
    apple symbol. 3) It is cigarette case. 4) Electric razor, patented 1898 5)
    It is a woman. 6) Because we are sich of them and future rejected them. 7)
    Yes, Philadelphia, although it is on the corner of Tynska street,
    Staromestske square, door number 605, Prague, Czech republic. 700 years old
    building. 8) It is old… 22 years old church wall decoration (the
    decoration, not the wal, the wall is older). 9) He paid for the portrait,
    so he is there. 10) Wow, living humans with camera found in chinese grave?
    Cool. OK, a ring, but Rebel XS is not a modern camera, it is from 2008.

  21. TheRealPotato says:

    Nicholas cage 10/10 photoshop

  22. T. Dirac says:

    Time travel may be hard but sticking the landing would be harder. Earth
    spins at 1,000 mph, Earth moves around the sun at 67,100 mph, the solar
    system travels 515,000 mph, and to top it off that our galaxy is moving at
    the brisk pace of 1,300,000 million miles per hour through space. I’m not
    saying time travel is impossible but those are approximate speeds for the
    actual speeds that fluctuate at any given moment in time. So without
    knowing the exact speeds of all the pieces of the puzzle for the exact time
    you want to get to and all the variations of the speeds between the time
    you leave to the time you want to get to it would be impossible. If it took
    you 30 seconds to read that, you are ~14,550 miles from where you were when
    you started reading it.

    Time travel to the future is easy. All you have to do is stand up and time
    will move slower for you. If you walk time will mover even slower, if you
    fly near the speed of light you will almost stop time for your self, and
    allow you to get to the future faster than if just watched another YouTube

  23. Leonard Hoffsteder says:

    Why is this music so dramatic ??

  24. stefan stanev says:

    Dont forget! Every thing is posible

  25. Sarah Moralez says:

    That would be a folder in the girl’s hand. Not a laptop, idiot.

  26. Tony Pita says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  27. Jeroen van den Bergh Den Dulck says:

    Found some albums with titles as ” The Fourth Book ” and ” Nemozian Rasta
    ” by a #Dezarie in my mediaplayer . i am listening to the track; Travelers;
    from the album ” Gracious Mama Africa “. I think its very relaxing music.

  28. Carol Moreira says:

    sonzera ducaraio!!

  29. Bebeto brandão junior says:

    de boa aqui chapadão so curtindo o reggae

  30. Anouk nicnop says:

    Sa voix me transperce , je ferme les yeux et c’est au-dessu d’immenses et
    lointains paysages que je survole , c’est des frissons par milliers qui
    parcourent ma nuque et un sourire qui se dessine à l’intérieur de mon âme ,
    merci Dezarie pour ces bonnes vibes ..

  31. Tony Pita says:

    Check out this video on YouTube:

  32. Rafael Santos says:

    Som Monstro! Salvee osasco Zona oeste! tudo nosso erva para os oprimidos!

  33. BrunoBarao69 says:

    mesmo a sério, padradass, jah bless

  34. Stefanzombi1 says:

    Dr. of music 🙂

  35. katy ferraz says:

    muitoo boaa adoroo canta muitoo 😉

  36. Daniel Locatelli says:

    iiiiiiiiiiiiiirra !! 16 nov 2012 tem Deza na fundição rj !! paz e muito
    reggae !!

  37. alex liberato says:

    Mente fria

  38. cerquera neto says:

    canta demais

  39. melanoche93140 says:

    une pure voix!!!

  40. romaincollet90 says:

    Juste magnifique !!!

  41. SuperBrenda771 says:

    – muito louca pra ouvir na briza rss 😉

  42. Noyer Pesadaum says:


  43. bruna absoluta says:

    viva o reggae viva dezarie

  44. negraolokoo says:

    Vixi! Style esse som aí hein!!! Tranquilize! Jah!

  45. BlackGoatism says:

    OLHA PONTA!!!!!

  46. razvan b says:

    kicks asss :>

  47. Wagner Ferreira says:

    do momento

  48. Tito Lima says:

    Linda música!! faz parte da trilha sonora da minha vida!!!!

  49. mamabadjodjo says:


  50. ŁeOnarÐo . says:

    Viva o BrasiL =)

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