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21 Sexiest Beaches – Full documentary

21 Sexiest Beaches - Full documentary

Full documenary Channel.Please subscrible our channel to watch more videos. 21 Sexiest Beaches Travel Channel Documentary HD … …. All our videos for just…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

I’m not sure why people always pointing at girls when I ask them where’s the beach…? Thanks to Cody for filming this Where Can I Find The Beaches prank: ht…


25 Responses

  1. JoshPalerLin says:

    Anyone knows where I can find some *BIG, HOT, WET* Beaches?

  2. Hampus Norén says:

    0:42, Where the fuck did she come from?

  3. Playish Elliott says:

    lmfao do you want to get your shit wet xD

  4. Uviation says:

    lol that meth guy

  5. Hambur says:

    Best prank ever! There needs to be more of this xD

  6. Abdal KHANATION says:

    Wait I thought u was Chinese not Japanese

  7. Jo Momma says:

    PART 2

  8. MAK INA says:

    PART 2

  9. Hampus Norén says:

    0:34, He left you hanging.

  10. xico19r says:

    hahahaha we need a part 2

  11. Merricktherox says:

    Two two, always two.

  12. Danny Franco says:

    “You can get them wet” lol

  13. Rani Killuminati ∞ says:


  14. Reachland2 says:

    lol c’mon dude why are you making fun of yourself haha

  15. Mrfreaky says:

    “Oh uhm my eyes are too small i cant see” xDDDDD
    You are the best man xD



  17. Steven Kim says:

    you are so talent

  18. UltimateOneGamer says:

    MORE so funny!! :D

  19. Antti Jaakkola says:

    Best video ever. :DD I wish there was more of this :D

  20. william speier says:


  21. Noctis Caelum says:

    Where is this beach?

  22. ScribbleAddictable says:

    3:04 I was nearly cryin omg

  23. Shervin Nasrin says:

    U know what you should do next Josh? Get an Asian friend (female) to do
    what you did, but instead, get her to ask people where she can get some
    coke (but pronounce it as cOck)

  24. Ronak batta says:

    Josh you are not japanese , you are chinese. Big difference . Chinese are
    fkin scum.

  25. MrHuntingPie says:


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