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BORA BORA VACATION VLOG: Snorkeling, Parasailing, FUN!!!

Hi friends! This is my vacation video in Bora Bora! Get soft, smooth vacation ready feet: My teeth transformation video: http:/…

Part 1: ABC News investigation into all-inclusive deals sold online uncovers issues.


50 Responses

  1. mzmonap says:

    you too are just SO ADORABLE!!! What a beautiful vacation for a great

  2. lizbetza says:

    whats the name of the restaurant?

  3. coloradopinkypie says:

    Your two are a beautiful couple!

  4. Carah Amelie says:

    lol… the opera music during the dessert scene totally reminded me of Ms.
    Congeniality…. lol… am i the only one?!?!?!

  5. gracesavesall says:

    Hahaha I love how the guy in the end is fixing his bottoms!!!

  6. vr1318 says:

    Justin is so sweet to u..calling u darling honey.♥

  7. Marie Lou 3M says:

    really very lucky nice young couple in bora-bora, a very expensive
    paradise! nice video!

  8. Ash Khan says:

    the water is absolutly beautiful!

  9. 01012010cLn says:

    I`ve always wanted to go to bora bora, it`s like my dream vacation, someday
    (: & You guys are adorable !

  10. InspiredBeauty20 says:

    You guys are the perfect couple <333 Now i really want to vacation to Bora
    Bora its GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  11. AprilAthena7 says:

    Bora Bora is a bit more.

  12. Lucille Salzer says:

    You guys are so cute!!!! Bora Bora looks wonderful. I want to go with my
    hubby too. You do know that the Kardashian’s were there too. 🙂 so happy
    you both had a great time. Lv Lucille

  13. kootieblondie says:

    “Honey we’re married there’s no privacy!” lolzz too funny!

  14. therealBRITSofNY says:

    Bora Bora is on my bucket list. Such an awesome video…what a gorgeous
    place !! Thanks for sharing…Sue xo

  15. Aaron Hinkle says:

    borabora can run you up to $1000 a night… lowest ive seen is 500$ a night
    depends on the room (not including you really expensive airfair)

  16. savvykandyxx says:

    this was such a fun vlog to watchh!! at the end, i thought the guy behind
    justin was about to take his pantss off. you guys are tooo cute! i wanna go
    to bora bora sometime in the future !!

  17. ChristieCallie says:

    it’s gorgeous there! you guys are so cute :3

  18. Shoppym says:

    Beautiful!! 🙂

  19. Jessica Carmichael says:

    Omg how cool

  20. Beth Furnish says:

    I was thinking about Hawaii for my honeymoon, but the more I see of Bora
    Bora, the more I want to go there! What is the cost difference do you
    think? Huge or about the same?

  21. brunnettebeauty says:

    Omg I’ve always wanted to visit bora bora! I’m glad you had an awesome time
    and this video was so fun to watch!! 🙂

  22. FanniFarti says:

    I swear.- like everybody tells you guys that you are the perfect couple..
    and I’m gonna say sth…. YOU DEFINITELY ARE! Wish you the BEST :))) ! Its
    funny how you can make jokes and laugh together 🙂

  23. 89Union says:

    wow that is so beautiful, the place is so magical and it is a dream
    destination! I’m so happy for you guys and thanks for sharing!

  24. Nicole Holter says:

    What a beautiful couple! Thank you so much for sharing. It’s my dream place
    to visit one day.

  25. xxCharliexx says:

    I love how Justin always encourages April

  26. Alatha Ndlebe says:

    If you’re not open minded and not willing to have your mind opened up then
    don’t bother leaving home.

  27. supertruckerdave1979 says:

    What is wrong with this bitch, the hotels right here in American are just
    as nasty, but oh no, it is America, that can’t happen here.

  28. StrangeFruit says:

    Does this woman not travel outside her country???? 

  29. Todd Mastrianna says:

    this is news?. I`d hate to be the one who paid to get this done…

  30. SkylineToTheSeaAndMe says:

    No stain is a good stain. Why didn’t she just ask for new sheets? ..or a
    different room? Lame.

  31. melleighxoxo says:

    Yeah assholes, IT IS LEGAL THERE. Get the fuck over it, get your fucking
    judgement out of their county. Get the fuck off your high horse. God, this
    pisses me off.

  32. Olivia Reyes says:

    That’s just ridiculous. If you’re going to complain about every single
    thing that MAY be different (also this can happen in your country) you
    better stay home. You have to get used to things in a country that it’s not
    even yours instead of complaining. I’m sure all of this things also happen
    wherever you live. If you are looking for perfection, pay for a luxury
    hotel and buy a private beach only for you so you don’t complain about
    anything. Or maybe the sand there is too hot? A good option will be to stay
    in your country and let’s see if you find something better, huh? People
    thoes days don’t even know what to talk about for winning a couple of

  33. Cali Gurl says:

    Prostitution in DR??!?? Wow, never heard of this profession before
    (Sarcasm). This reporter is irritating.

  34. Captain Leonidas says:

    Wonder what she would have felt about the prostitution in Amsterdam if on
    vacation there.

  35. Juan Sanchez says:

    The oldest profession in the world and it makes the news wow. Go to any
    country that has legal prostitution and where there is a big tourism
    industry and you will see the same. Examples Spain, Holland, Switzerland,
    Mexico. I would invite her to walked down the streets of Zurich,
    Switzerland during the late evening hours if she thinks she will only see
    these kinds of things outside of her beloved western word. 

  36. thenappyhoe83 says:

    PRUDES!!! I see ALOT of entertainment guys as a “sex worker” so STFU!

  37. RJSoftware2000 says:

    Ah just wallow down in the bed and jis get use to it. If it’s cold and
    clammy don’t worry it dries up. 

  38. Shniggit says:

    Someone as phobic as you probably shouldn’t travel at all.

  39. peter hann says:

    one day that lady reporter will be a prostitute. when she stops work. her
    husband will keep working bring home his pay give it to her, she will let
    him fuck her once in awhile as long as he keeps paying her his wages.

  40. quartermaster1976 says:

    So there’s prostitution in a poor country, how is this news? Has she been
    to Las Vegas or watched HBO we have prostitution in the USA as well and
    shitty motels that overcharge you at the beginning then give you a discount
    at the last minute if rooms aren’t booked its common procedure as its
    better to book it with a discount than to not book it at all.

  41. John Smith says:

    Did you see Rush Limbaugh there? Rush frequently goes to the Dominican
    Republic just for the drugs and prostitutes.

  42. The Boss says:

    That may be its intention, but in reality, a report like this would
    probably only give the Dominican Republic a bit more demand than its

  43. abuhajara says:

    Whenever I travel, I go to the local store, I buy me a cheap pillow and a
    blanket. That is what I sleep on.

  44. mikesderic says:

    You pay a cheap price, you get a cheap resort. It’s the way of the world.
    You want quality, you gotta pay for it.

  45. dmente lmd says:

    lol u was looking for something cheap have fun with u cheap hotel
    ..why u dt look for some real hotel in dr like babaro beach hotel !!! am
    dominican lol

  46. John Smith says:

    There’s prostitution and drug use going on in The Dominican Republic? I’m
    shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here! (From the movie
    Casablanca) 🙂

  47. Kemiztri says:


  48. marvin gonzalez says:

    Next rules on vacation go on a vacation go to state’s not country’s

  49. MoJoRisen2012 says:

    Out of all the places to vacation in the Dominican Republic, they choose
    Boca Chica. That’s like going to Las Vegas, Atlantic City, Tijuana-Mexico
    or Amsterdam-Netherlands and complaining about Legalized prostitution.
    Groupon offers vacations to Punta Cana Dominican Republic. The
    all-inclusive resorts there are VERY strict about the locals socializing
    with the vacationers.

  50. HeyJustPlay says:

    just prostitution lol everyone would be high

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