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Evidence of Time Travelers on the Internet?

Researchers at Michigan Technological University released the findings of a study last week which sought to uncover evidence indicating that time travelers h…


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  1. Danny Wilten says:

    I have come from the year 3012323123.5 to warn you of something that may
    occur in the next 1000 years. Take me to your leader.

  2. AWResistance says:


  3. shazizz says:

    Time travel not possible? Search a bit harder next time. This must be the
    comedy hour. If the main stream science geeks said so it has to be true!
    After all the pegged global warming, even though it is cold as crap these
    days! Lmao

  4. The Karishad says:

    you cant get REAL proof on the internet.

  5. tryskel golic says:

    my friend told me it could be done but you would have to change dimension
    in order to succeed(3d to 2d example)and it could also work in space and/or
    now he a very smart physician and have work at silicone valley but i
    believe it when i see it(it just equation theory at this point ex:e=mc2)

  6. Cynosure says:

    I like InfoWars and AJ but………..this is stupid. Let me grab the tin
    foil hat. 

  7. Maciej [MrRexTV1] says:

    Time to watch more Stein’s;Gate I guess.

  8. mccurry darryl says:

    Time travel is quite impossible, time would have to exist for “time travel”
    to be possible. 

  9. Waldo Mc Gifford says:

    Maybe when John Titor put all that info on the net, it change the
    timeline… ? Maybe? Who knows…

  10. kevin smith says:

    I heard recently that time is an illusion. We just perceive that it’s
    linear and in fact it maybe anything but. It’s just that in any one moment
    our memory’s trick the mind into believing that the past has happened and
    the future is yet to occur. The universe is a very odd place. 

  11. LivingHistorySchool says:

    I gave my comment a thumbs up before I wrote it.

  12. Mona Magick says:

    Time Travel – Astral Travel

    I guess anywhere but ‘Now’ will always be a desire for most at some given
    point. Even though scientist may say it is conceivable, but not likely for
    us to achieve, it’s a notion that fascinates us all! I will say that as
    much as one’s memory can freeze-frame in time a thought, the ‘Now’ is
    always gone we in some way as time waits for no one swiftly moving to the

    So do we live in parallel zones of both past and future with ‘Now’ being
    the shortest interval? I’m making myself dizzy at this point! Astral
    Travelling is no different… as you will always return to ‘Now’…at least in
    an astral case (both cases actually) – hopefully. I suppose without ‘Now’
    we would never exist, making it the most important part of your being!
    Enjoy your life in the ‘NOW’ to enjoy your existence! Here’s an interesting
    video for you:
    Evidence of Time Travelers on the Internet?

  13. Billie Piper says:

    Real!!!!!!!!! #timetravel 

  14. Meow786 says:

    Random shit put together

  15. bweazel says:

    Whoa hold the phone….. someone actually paid someone to research this? I
    fucking hate academia….

  16. GuysCallMeShawna says:

    Can’t see the past? Every time I look at the night sky I see the past. Old



  18. SgtMantis says:

    This video will help you travel 2:44 in to the future while seemingly
    making absolutely no progress in any way. 

  19. Alabama Mothman says:

    Just when you thought youd seen the last of time traveling stock brokers

  20. dooglitas says:

    If a person from the future came to our time, they would already know about
    an event before it happened. Why would they find a need to search for it on
    the Internet, especially before it had happened?

  21. ckairnes68 says:

    In other words, there was no story to report on.

  22. shadowwolffallout says:

    PrisonPlanet is fucked.

  23. BurntToast says:

    Haha, l love going back in time and seeing all these time travel vids. 

  24. Dominick7 says:

    Agree with your conclusions. How could one be present in a past moment that
    is no longer present and no longer exists. What people say is a holographic
    virtual reality is a confusion or false conclusion in observing programming
    code embedded in actual time/space/matter, much like computers are real
    physical hardware objects and monitors produce visuals even though the
    objects that are projected are representations of the objects but aren’t
    the real objects they represent. All of those things are a part of concrete
    reality unlike our mental thoughts/images, that while real are not

  25. CJ W says:

    Reporting on silliness like this is exactly why people pigeonhole you all
    as, and I think it’s a clinical term, “nutballs”. Also, Cornell should kick
    those two out for wasting time on the internet and masking it as

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