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G.R.L. – Vacation (Lyric)

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Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses

  1. Emily Gao says:


  2. silvia heffetz says:

    WOW they’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!! 

  3. Camille Cx says:

    i’m addicted to GRL

  4. xxlilpippaxx says:

    Their next single is coming out in jan

  5. Jack Melli says:

    I love the smurfs 2… But i very very love… This songggggg

  6. GirlyCupcakeVlogs says:

    Simone is so pretty

  7. Kisa Hyuuga says:

    Great dancers too!!!!!!

  8. Mafer Serrano says:

    Beautiful girls…! *O* ♥♥ 

  9. Ana Montenegro says:

    Beautiful Girls!

  10. Natasha Ong says:

    Love Natasha 

  11. rebeldes maravilhosos says:

    yes hameiys !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Joyce Kamp says:


  13. Megan Sands says:

    love this song 

  14. Tania Alexandre says:

    Love natasha simone lauren paula and emmalyn the most

  15. Little_Mixer says:

    Can’t wait to hear their new songs

  16. Mery Lottie G. says:


  17. hyun woo says:

    ugghh! Paula is so pretty *-* i wish i could look like her ♥

  18. Lusy Lù says:


  19. sefa ata says:

    Smurfs 2 ^. ^

  20. Pablo Lódolo says:

    I love this song ❤️❤️❤️

  21. SmilingRoses says:

    They are just amazing they just need a really good promo. trust me this
    song is catchy cute and they can dance and sing

  22. Sara Delacruz says:

    Can’t wait till you be number one in da charts 

  23. C. Nwangwu says:

    G.R.L. – Vacation (Lyric)

  24. Anita Porras says:
  25. Cris Jay Martin says:

    Track 3 from #TheSmurfs2 prod. by #CrisJayMartin (G.R.L. – Vacation)

  26. SnakeDoctorChannel says:

    Next episode will be next Friday (30th May) and then every Friday!

  27. Krystal Coskun says:

    in a episode can you fight the king? plzzzzzz

  28. Hannah Brown says:

    How did u guys comment 4 hours ago when it was uploaded 2 minuets ago, r u
    from different country

  29. Iballisticbenja says:

    Hi snakedocter

  30. matthew martin says:

    love this series 🙂 

  31. Julia Foresta says:

    And I prefer you rather than squid ( no offence squid ) ;)

  32. kieran melling says:

    i found coal it was down the ladder

  33. SnakeDoctorChannel says:

    [NEW VIDEO] Part 15 of Operation Vacation is here, and I make a start on
    the research facility!

  34. Amy Davis says:

    Snake is awesome

    Even without squiddy

  35. Jack Cahill says:

    How do you get Titanium and Uranium anyway? :/ ( I haven’t been watching
    the series much )

  36. Kittycat Luna says:


  37. Beautynmore18 says:

    Your both amazing 

  38. Joey Jackson says:

    This series and I Amos’s jump out of my seat when there is a new vid!!!
    Keep up the great work! God luck

  39. lewis macdonald says:

    Hey snake! Great vid lookibg forward to the next one!

  40. Rebecca Cooney says:

    I love watching whether squid is there or not! :-)

  41. eeveelution says:


  42. Jessica Vickers says:

    Hi snakedoctor 

  43. Amy Davis says:

    Wasn’t there 11 coal in the furnace next to the ladder

  44. Julia Foresta says:

    Snake can you do minecraft xbox 360 series I’d love to know more about

  45. Ella Layla says:

    Quick question how are you so awesome !!!!

  46. JTP0702 says:

    Love the series! I really like the dis-member mod! It makes killing mobs
    loads better!!

  47. Sara Golden says:

    You shouldn’t sell yourself so short! Plenty of people are here to watch
    you and some are here to watch both of you! Either way, almost 30,000
    people find your content entertaining!
    P.S I still really like the series with or without Squid! :)

  48. we play you decide says:

    Even without squid u still have a amazing series 

  49. dennis bello says:

    im here just because of squid

  50. becky B says:

    Who needs squid????
    Your pretty awesome snakedoctor.
    Idwatch this with or without squid.

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