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G.R.L. – Vacation

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25 Responses

  1. tatum635 says:

    did the black girl quit the group?

  2. louise Bardot says:

    j adore trooooooooooooop bien

  3. BeyonceBeyhive says:

    I love the song! And the Choreo is too cute <3

  4. Soshi Stars says:

    FINALLY! A english girl group that can dance properly ! I have been waiting
    forever for a group like this! Kpop is COMING to Town!

  5. CandyNiNi1 says:

    Ok now this group and little mix is now my favorite

  6. TheCecewlalala says:

    Whose the lady at the end?

  7. Taylor Deo says:

    Laur when shal, u ditch her

  8. diretionerforeveryoung horan says:


  9. Eid AlFarraj says:


  10. lana faris says:

    She looks like amber rose with a smaller butt lol

  11. lolballs says:

    woohoo catch the kpop buzz!!! sync dancing the bomb when you can do it and
    GRL can

  12. Caren Wang says:

    Love this song

  13. Angelina Ramirez says:

    I live them all but Simone and Paula can dance really good and they all
    have amazing voices love you guys my fave

  14. Bacongamer1231 says:

    0:11 when people r in the way of my video games :3

  15. Maria. Luisa says:


  16. daniel john says:

    shut up dumbass

  17. Lebone Tshepe says:

    Thank u for following me 😀

  18. shira1234able says:

    הם מהממות

  19. RolandDeschain1 says:

    Yeah, it’s another one of those…

  20. hanbin0 says:

    i heard the song playing on a korean show guess they like it haha

  21. Ramona Kathryne says:

    Is that Mel B from spice girls @ 3:32? I guess some people here doesn’t
    know her. Only a 90’s kid knows who she is.

  22. Tyshell Washington says:

    the black girl is from that we the party movie…didnt know she was in a
    girl group

  23. c0rinna87 says:

    they’re all gorgeous talented girls, they have good voices, know how to
    dance. but this song is sooo bad!

  24. Kimberly Quiroz says:

    omg the girl with the pink shirt looks like shay mitchell

  25. Jarlene Mange says:

    I need to learn the dance they do in this vid

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