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Jason Isbell – Traveling Alone (Official Music Video)

Official music video for “Traveling Alone” from the Jason Isbell album Southeastern, with special appearance by Amanda Shires. Directed by: James Weems To pu…


16 Responses

  1. Andre Speek says:

    Some relaxing music this Saturday… 😉


    Jason Isbell – Traveling Alone (Official Music Video)

  2. Jason Isbell says:
  3. Gachitadamunga says:


  4. JammanTV says:

    Unknown here in the UK, glad I found his album though, absolutely
    fantastic, best Ive heard in many years. Gutted I disovered it a couple of
    months after he played in England though. Doh.

  5. horsyapple67 says:

    I’d love to hear the 20 songs that didn’t make it on Southeastern.

  6. jerrkyd says:

    Jason Isbell best enjoy his privacy while it lasts. He is going to hit the
    big time before he knows it.

  7. missmej2 says:

    Beautiful song! Lovely Bride.

  8. htown1475 says:

    I can’t stop listening to this album. His lyrics are blowing my mind.

  9. gnalbob says:

    filmed in my great great aunt’s house

  10. Ed Welch says:

    Simply beautiful album Jason, we see your painting perfectly.

  11. keith goins says:

    graet song

  12. keith goins says:

    graet song

  13. keith goins says:

    graet song

  14. Amanda B says:

    I like the simplicity and old fashioned feel to this video. I think it
    captures the magic of the lyrics perfectly. Camera angles and attention to
    detail are awesome

  15. Cheers Weaf says:

    Talented artist with a rich depth of character and a quality writer.
    Favourite album cuts: Cover me up, Travelling alone, Elephant, Different
    days and Live oak. Please come to play live in Canada

  16. Jesse B. Ferrell says:

    Jason Isbell is extremely talented singer, songwriter, musician, with
    fantastic vocals reflected in his new video ‘Traveling Alone”. Recently
    viewed his new video on CMT’s Leading Edge and was awed by his ability.
    Spin video, see if you agree!! JB

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