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Kiev Ukraine The World Sexiest Beach 2014 – Лучший пляж Украины.

Sexiest Beaches in the world 2014 – самый привлекательный и молодежный пляж в Украине. Расположен на островке вблизи станц…
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25 Responses

  1. Slaker011 says:

    sucks that kiev is at war right now

  2. Cesar Pimentel says:

    Omg 🙂 

  3. Romeo Dominican says:

    Angels in the earth 🙂 beautiful n sexy ladies :)

  4. bajagreatwhitesharks says:

    What is this place called? I want to live there!!!

  5. Uriel1816 says:

    Beautiful place, beautiful people. Good editing, thanks for posting.

  6. juliana cordeiro says:

    lol, sexy beach ? because some are wearing a Brazilian bikini, you must go
    to Brazil.

  7. Inga Deep says:

    nihego osobennogo.. vse molodye ludi krasivye I podtynutye… a on eshe I
    lushih staralsya snyat..tak hto sovsem nihego osobennogo tam net.

  8. Atta Naya says:

    when i read the title, the world sexiest beach 2014 i expect way more than
    that..obviously u live only in that place, wait til u see beach in spain n
    france, also miami :D

  9. Riyaz Ebrahim says:



    name od the song

  11. zECTERz says:

    firs music name ?

  12. brabus43404 says:

    God bless Ukraine fuck putin!

  13. tom hubert says:

    This is not kiev

  14. tom hubert says:

    Theiß is not kiev

  15. tom hubert says:

    Hat is not kiew

  16. Kelsi DeStefano says:

    What the fuck!

  17. вася пупкин says:

    Быстрей бы лето))) такое видео согревает в такую погоду)))

  18. Marcin Kowalski says:

    адрес места, я приду

  19. James devillier says:

    yes, Ukraine is very dangerous now. My Ukraine friend said people not
    going out and the beaches empty and people have no money even to get there.

  20. Дмитрий Воронцов says:

    Гидропарк, жара, пивко, красота…

  21. Drackon Petrov says:

    super просто рай 

  22. steven brigandi says:

    Spring break Ukraine.

  23. dimonchkik says:

    завидуй, европа, со своими гомосеками

  24. 26impulse26 says:

    Какой месяц лучше чтобы приехать в Киев? жаркее?

  25. kafatour says:

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