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LSD trip

Gives u the feeling that u’re on LSD for a bit after watching.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses

  1. Maurcio Andres says:


  2. BlueGuyTube says:

    My house is moving D: 

  3. jason de groot says:

    Just the fact that this works! I have a few friends that uses this stuff
    and they said what the effect was and this is almost exactly the same!!

  4. Hermann Fegelein says:

    LSD is 100X stronger and that’s for 12-20 hours. And you can’t exit…

  5. skullcrushers1000 says:

    Worked for like 2 seconds… Disapointed :(

  6. David Galvan says:

    My tv screen got bigger. Holy shit!

  7. A Nevem Tihamer says:

    Very GOd 😀 

  8. Sinexx14 says:

    damn after watching this anythik move o.O

    and yeah im high

  9. Mike Smale says:

    The first and only time I did acid I thought I had become the color orange,
    that’s all I remember other than it was one of the worst experiences I’ve
    ever had.

  10. Bill Nye says:

    I watched this on acid

  11. Donika Dell Ray says:

    😀 wtf… The wall is moving

  12. The Rhandom says:

    haha when you look away it distorts your eyes 

  13. Xemptuous says:

    It’s pretty close. All it does is distort the things you see. Acid distorts
    but it shows you sacred knowledge. Acid also has alot of colors everywhere.
    Watch this video and look at a light show, and you basically have the
    whip-its of the psychedelic world; 15 seconds of tripping on acid…. kinda

  14. Cam McPhail says:

    You people are fucking stupid, get off your asses and do shit thats fun

  15. iiKozmo says:


  16. CrystaRoze says:

    Reminds me of Amnesia (the game)

  17. Max Jackson says:

    I can see dragons…heheehheeeeheehe

  18. HeteroProductions says:

    Coming from someone who took LSD/acid for the first time today, and magic
    mushrooms a couple of times in the past, I can confirm that this is one of
    the many effects you see while on either ‘drug’ (walls breathing, things
    getting bigger on one end but smaller on the other). I would highly
    recommend taking at least one hit of LSD so you can get an actual feel of
    what it’s like, because it is truly an amazing experience.

  19. madgamer125 says:

    radical mannn

  20. Lia Franz says:

    damn it. worked like 2 minutes for me o.O

  21. ALISONN ™ says:

    OMG! I see everything on 240p!

  22. Sunny Rodrigues says:

    My house is breathing!

  23. Jorge Amador says:

    ooooooooooooooooooo shit I wish I lasted longer best experience of my life

  24. Deinemuddatv says:

    Thats cool

  25. Mark Fetka says:

    i was scared

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