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Modern Day Babylon – Travelers ||| FULL ALBUM STREAM |||

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Proof of time travel, reincarnation or immortality, interesting pictures either way. 🙂 More Here:…


50 Responses

  1. TheStrayShot says:

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  2. TheStrayShot says:

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  3. Joey Emanuele says:

    5:30 and 26:19 are my favourite moments on the entire album. There is so
    much emotion and melody that contrasts with the darkness of the majority of
    the album, it gives me goosebumps every time.

  4. Nikhil G says:

    Holy shit this riffage

  5. Máté Kuna says:

    First time listening them, this album is freakin sick ! Love it

  6. Marc Rice says:

    This album is fucking gorgeous… this whole thing takes my breath away.

  7. Shadowjak101 says:

    Bands like Tessaract have much more “mindless chugging” than this and are
    still highly regarded. Doesn’t make sense to say that this has it or that
    it’s a negative, lol

  8. thegr8HarV says:

    Here lies a masterpiece.

  9. Diego Lafuente says:

    I’m enjoying this album a lot.

  10. PlayableGamez says:

    I am going to buy an album to help support these guys.

  11. FeralFarrell says:

    Decent, I wish the heavy underlying guitar would play more than like 1-3
    chords per track but besides that it’s a solid album

  12. 65willdestroyyou says:

    over-compressed shit lmao

  13. Sacratus says:

    Thaller Than Thall..

  14. Lavi Buniak says:

    great music, have goosebumps listening to it. True talents! 

  15. andrew kihn says:

    This band is absolutely beautiful!!

  16. James Booth says:


  17. Nicolas Thrush says:

    Oh my, this is good. Two thumbs way up!

  18. Jerome B says:

    Gladly see you in France the 31th May!

  19. Hieu N says:

    great stuff! can’t wait to hear more.

    man, it’s hard keeping up with all these new bands coming out.

  20. Kris Cargill says:

    30:55-33:15 uuuugggghhhhhhh

  21. Jim Knowles says:

    Beautiful album. Love the ambience too.

  22. Mike Ze says:

    What kind of music is this in particular ? I cant describe it properly 

  23. napalm800 says:


  24. Jul P says:

    These are some really tasty riffs o/ Got my copy straight away. Did
    anybody else notice similarity of the melody in ,,travellers” (8:24) and
    ,,Infinity” (31:11)?? Can’t be the only one 🙂 Purpose?…. Anyway really
    diggin this album. Also the vocal versions do fit right away, something not
    happening that often. Furthermore, vocals don’t sound that
    death-core-like, something i find (TO MY TASTE) really annoying in bands
    playing 7 or 8 string guitars and syncopated riffs, polyrythms etc.. Good
    work! I’m really looking forward to hearing new tunes in near future!

  25. adi wibowo says:


  26. mortlockroo says:

    Jared Leto = Jesus


  27. Pam Cutler says:

    Genetic recombination.

  28. Audra Burgess says:

    This is creepy. XD

  29. Alvin Elmore says:

    The Russel Crowe look alike looks way more like Kevin Spacey

  30. eleszar1 says:

    i loled at black jack

  31. Ramon Guerrero says:

    7 billions people in the world as of today. The human face is made of
    simplicity. Throughout the whole world there has been 100+ billion
    different human faces. And with humans simple looks of a nose, 3 eyes,
    lips, ears, hair, brows, there’s bound to be someone that looks like you.
    Looking like someone in the past doesn’t exactly mean it’s reincarnation.
    Maybe your related, but not reincarnated. 

  32. Claudia Gonzalez says:

    Why are only celebrities reincarnating? 

  33. bryan Garcia says:
  34. Ninjette Enigma says:

    Its called a look-alike.

  35. Caitlin Wickham says:

    this is obviously fake, these people are probably blood related, they
    probably share the same ancestry, and some of them could just be the same
    person wearing makeup.

  36. john Purugganan says:

    wait a minute maybe their ass look the same too,what do you think….

  37. Memorie BigTokes says:

    *zooms in on elvis look-a-like* BEIEVE IT!!!! DX

  38. notsoseriousmoonlight says:

    Look up Ridgway Glover and Emilio Estevez.

  39. VallyVicious says:

    This is ridiculous.

  40. GLICKTON says:

    if people stopped making these stupid videos we would all be a lot more
    informed on things that are true

  41. Joe Guerrero says:

    Some pics are super imposed

  42. BrownerFucksYou says:

    The Barber of Seville??????????????? Fictional literary character? Greek
    statue??????????? Oh, Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about Santa?

  43. sufian khan says:

    or maybe jus look alikes. …doi

  44. iOZKERTV says:

    What’s her Facebook so we can all see

  45. Ian Hartviksen says:

    I like when statues reincarnate in people.

  46. Candice Colebrooke says:

    Really. And the creepy music isn’t making it any better.

  47. Boom Bam says:

    How is this happening is it real or photo shopped? ?

  48. ShutMeUpxProductions says:

    This started going downhill after the 2nd picture

  49. Zizzyme Shrestha says:

    elvis was surely a photoshop look at the angle of his face and the neck

  50. animeamy1 says:

    HAH! That’s exactly what I was thinking!

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