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National Lampoon’s Vacation – Dog Tied To Bumper.flv

National Lampoon's Vacation - Dog Tied To Bumper.flv

Lampoon’s Vacation – Dog Tied To Bumper.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


25 Responses

  1. Taosnadh Spòrsach says:

    +Mitt Romney ‘s Family Vacation
    Why was this clip not aired during the Run-up to the 2012 Election ?

  2. ripdaddy KC says:

    This wasn’t only funny but well acted by both. Keach’s line “Do you know
    the penalty for animal cruelty……….Well, it’s probably pretty stiff”
    is still one of my favorite lines from any film.

  3. allen reynolds says:

    Killed poor Dinky.

  4. queens710 says:

    Upload please

  5. rodneynpsl says:

    at least Romney didn’t eat the dog

  6. TheKendog1988 says:

    Oh totally she deserved it and that look on her face when she finds out.
    But what makes it really funny is when she dies and they tie her body to
    roof of the Family Truckster and it’s raining and then leave dead body tied
    to a lawn chair on her son’s patio with a note pinned to her.

  7. imaStonesFan says:


  8. TheBencore says:

    lol that woman was going to snap, excellent scene

  9. squibblejack says:

    explain this you sick SON OF A BITCH !!!!!

  10. hateUmankind says:

    never did like that dog or there aunt lol

  11. Bassanio1 says:


  12. squibblejack says:


  13. 027220 says:

    1:07 – :09 Not to say I’d do the same thing but who cares? He deserved to

  14. imaStonesFan says:

    big deal, who cares?

  15. rodneynpsl says:

    Obama would have eaten it

  16. nascarfanatic2425 says:

    Serves them right then. They both died. lol

  17. Stacy Hirsh says:

    yeah me neither, i hate that old bag

  18. Stacy Hirsh says:

    LOL i think Aunt Edna deserved it more 😀

  19. 027220 says:

    Her taste in dogs stinks.

  20. WimblyFraggle says:

    I always hated this scene

  21. nascarfanatic2425 says:

    Doesn’t sound like that end of Ellen’s family wasn’t exactly lovable. Normy
    leaves home when he knows his own mother is coming in? Who the hell does
    that? ‘Course, it probably would’ve helped if Clark stopped at a payphone
    or used somebody’s phone to call Normy to tell him what happened. Still,
    the Aunt, Dog, and Normy all don’t sound like the first people I’d like to
    have as family.

  22. Stacy Hirsh says:

    2:14 LOL at Aunt Edna’s face, she’s gonna snap!!

  23. nascarfanatic2425 says:

    Officer: Do you know what the penalty is for animal cruelty in this state?
    Clark: No sir, I don’t. Officer: Well… It’s probably pretty stiff. LMFAO
    the cop doesn’t even know the penalty for animal cruelty! XD

  24. nascarfanatic2425 says:

    Yeah. I mean, death isn’t funny in real life, but this is just a movie.
    Just adds humor in there ’cause it shows the not-so-intelligence of Clark
    Griswold. lol

  25. Butta1120 says:

    “Well, it’s probably pretty stiff.” Dyinggggggg!!!

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