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New Age Travellers documentary

New Age Travellers documentary

Documentary about the New Age Traveller scene in the UK. Includes footage of Stonehenge free Festivals, Battle Of The Bean Field, Castlemorton etc.
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25 Responses

  1. BannedUfos says:

    There’s nothing new about the Zeitgeist movement at all

  2. Baal Zobel says:

    Everyone should be free to step outside of the society in which they live.
    But if they do so they should be prepared for the society in which they
    live to reject them.
    Why should a society, no matter how corrupt or degenerate, tolerate those
    who wish to live amongst them, but not by their rules. By all means make
    your own way through life and keep your own”culture”. but do not expect the
    society through which you travel, to care or support you. Grow up. you want
    to live alone, then do it. you want to become an antibody in the body of
    the society in which you inhabit. then be prepared for that body to
    rightfully reject you. 

  3. Gehenna71 says:

    Héhé Tash. How is Spider?

  4. Jake Hassett says:

    My major question is always has is all this FUNDED?? Like the convoy for
    example, old vehicles, but they still have to be BOUGHT by someone?? and
    for example the speakers at the events?? Who hires or buys them?? and what
    about FOOD??

  5. POPACHELLI says:

    People always messed up things when they are in groups…hippies are no
    exception. They stink like everybody else. 

  6. DirtyNewby says:

    they can be free to do what they want and im free to not join them. I do
    believe in the power of family we do have roles which if fulfilled we will
    be more powerful than before meaning we dont have to beg we dont rely on
    government and we learn to respect each other so we can build on all good
    thoughts instead of constant orgasms which distract from actual work or

  7. johhny bobby says:

    new reporter kinda sounded like hit herler

  8. maxpell69 says:

    ahahahahha 34:42 !!!! free party motherr fucker!!! ahahahhaahah

  9. max pullara says:

    34.44 WHat? Your just gonna take that shit lmao

  10. GREEN M says:

    ” Jewes Jeptyons” Magdalenes Wandering Gypsy Jew Tinkers


  11. bambi lackner says:

    the gypsy travelers are thieves,my ex-boyfriend worked for the ones out of
    Georgia they travel around getting painting jobs on homes and barns, what
    they do is buy cheap paint mix half of the paint with gasoline so it’ thins
    it out and stretches the paint and we all know what happens when the
    aluminum on the roof w/ gas on it gets heated or the home or barn they
    painted gets to hot from the sun,( poof) burns to the many people
    in the New York area mainly farmers lost their homes in upstate n.y. their
    nothing more than slave drivers too,on tv they show them out their busting
    their asses working nope not so they have nothing but black men working for
    them, and they pay them less then min wage,they put them up in cheap hotels
    they put as many men in one room as possible, they have to pay for their
    own meals everyday their on the while the jips are getting a more
    than a few grand a day robbing people you half to wonder if that home your
    family just had painted is gonna burn up with your family in it. now you
    know why they can afford to live in those homes and pay for their wives to
    stay home all day spend 10 grand on baby shower or anything else they
    do,its because their robbing hard working american people your families
    mine and everyone else.and they are inbred they don’t show it on the show
    but they do marry 7 and 9 year old girls (Relitives) to older men
    uncles,cousins, if a family member wants one of the girls they pay their
    families for her.the younger the bride the higher the price,this is no lie
    i was on the road with them the summer of 93 until i couldn’t stand the way
    they treated the workers and i had enough of the hotels.if these guys are
    ever in your area run them out of town as fast as you can.

  12. tru9requ says:

    And now, for something completely different 34:44

  13. gian franco says:

    Does anyone know what time it is?

  14. Zoie3x8 says:

    newsflash – the UK is NOT a republic, or even a democracy. Therefore,
    british peoples ‘freedom’ and ‘rights’ exist only at the allowance and
    divine grace of the (current ruler/ royal police force), and if the ruler
    chooses to leave the british populace alone.

    Therefore, i don’t think brits get to complain when the cops beat on them
    (and other authoritarian-ish government actions), unless the british
    populace as a whole, chooses to revolt and change the very format of their
    government to something else.

  15. Lee Dubya says:

    Not much traveling going on here. Bunch of nonsense but not much traveling.

  16. Jin How says:

    New Age Travellers

  17. agaichapter25 says:

    Much rather the country had this all over again as opposed to the mass
    influx of benefit migrants coming thru our borders in their droves…now
    that is really fucked up…leaflets asking a certain nationality of people
    not to go to the toilet in the streets really tells us we are fucked up as
    a country..

  18. Iain Closs says:

    Fuck it, Lets get on the road again.

  19. Matty James says:


  20. Justin Polnack says:

    My favorite counter cutler the hippies/travelers. :)

  21. Jack Todd says:

    Documentary about the New Age Traveller scene in the UK. Includes footage
    of Stonehenge free Festivals, Battle Of The Bean Field, Castlemorton etc

  22. jb21592 says:

    +thehorrorification come on man, seriously? why do you have so much hate
    for people? stop with the stereotypes. at least hippies have some kind of
    positive regard for each other instead of whatever negative feeling you
    have. let it go.

  23. will smith says:

    do these lot still travel about? ive had enough of society i wanna join em

  24. mikebiketrike says:

    5:50 JUMANJI!

  25. fuktlaw says:

    police are meant to work for the common human magna carta . please
    understand the police work for the goverment and not for the humans of
    society . they will never at all consent to us having free movement of the
    land . but i laugh at this cause wake up we can do it all the .first never
    believe what the goverment have to say . they never stop telling lies .
    life life remember never let your own greed take over . the police are
    animal on consent of the goverment

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