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“ON TOP OF THE WORLD” Iceland Trip 2014

We visited Iceland!! We went to the Eve Fanfest, met Icelandic fans, went to the Blue Lagoon, and had an incredible time! Hope you enjoy the video and leave a LIKE if you did! 🙂 Thanks again…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tasha & I take a trip on the Siska, visit the white silica beach and drink lots of tea ♡SOCIAL MEDIA♡ Main channel – Facebook –…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


50 Responses

  1. MrsStrawberryLovex says:

    I’m so happy I met you Cupquake I cant believe you actually came to
    smallest country ever xD i thought i’d never meet you :’) Im so happy that
    I did.I love you Tiffany <3

  2. iHasCupquake says:
  3. Annie Keyes says:

    That lagoon looks amazing. I wish I was there

  4. Joey Loschiavo says:

    She spelt Icelandic wrong in the description when she said “we met some
    iclandic fans” 

  5. SmartyPlaysMC says:

    Lol I’ve been to Iceland and I’ve put that blue lagoon mush on my face as
    well xD

  6. crazyLilacGurl says:

    Tiffany and Red PLEASE I BEG PLEASE Come around Minnesota and North
    Dakota!:3 🙂 ♥♥♥ its my dream to meet you and if you don’t beleive that im
    most likely your biggest fan look at my blogs!!! :); my hair is purple and
    im adding the blue! :3 🙂 love you like a sister quake! :3


  7. sarinia hardy says:

    lol, what was that stuff on your faces ???

  8. cindy the says:

    Plz come to Australia I would love to meet u!! XD 

  9. Laufey Björt Jónsdóttir says:

    I’m so happy, I was actually in the video! 

  10. Catherine Hunter says:

    Quake can you come to Rochester it’s in New York but it has to in Greece
    one of Rochester’s town’s

  11. LSmadcrafters says:

    “We visited Iceland!! We went to Eve Fanfest, met Iclandic fans…”
    Iclandic? I am offended. 

  12. Bernadette Tripon says:

    Awesome that u visited Iceland, now come to Manitoba (Prov) Canada!! :D

  13. Maleah Rodriguez says:

    Can you please visit Miami?! I know you already did can you do it again

  14. Jack Benham says:

    I wish I could go and see you but I guess I never can

  15. Kel2Infinity says:

    I wish Cupquake would come to Canada.

  16. Jennifer Bell says:

    I loved it can u come to Newcastle

  17. NoodleGirl2080 says:

    Well ihascupquake you made an EXCELLENT CHOICE with the music.

  18. Angie Sardinas says:

    OMG SO PRETTY also 6th comment!

  19. NerdECrafter says:

    This was an excellent montage! It’s always nice to see you guys have a fun

  20. McUni03 says:

    Yeaaaah going to my country :D

  21. Robert Diaz says:

    That moment when you see ‘1 day ago’ in your subscription box …
    It just breaks my heart.

  22. Simzela says:

    How awesome 😀 

  23. Katelyn Tomlinson says:

    come to northern Ireland pleaseeeeee xoxoxoxoxooxoxoxo -Katelyn luv u tiffy

  24. Madi says:


  25. Nice Puppy says:

    501 comment YES achievement unlocked

  26. hahaxD72 says:

    Whered you get your swim suit at 4:50

  27. Rejwana Ahmed says:

    And here I am revising for exams.

  28. Chanti B says:

    How do you maintain your weave on holiday, two weeks in Egypt I looked like
    a scarecrow :'( ahhhhh lol.
    Looks so amazing there I must go

  29. Hayley Sullivan says:

    I’ll just say what everyone else is thinking: your boobs look AMAZING! :)

  30. Stephen Whiteside says:

    Love how you mentioned Trisha Paytas! :)

  31. Tar Mar says:

    DAYUM not to sound rude but your bust looks awesomeeeeee x

  32. TheDIYaddict says:

    Wow what gorgeous scenery! I loved this! 

  33. eemmiilliiee90 says:

    Okay, ok, just a fact: your boobs looked great in that bikini!! 

  34. Humi Iqbal says:

    You look exceptional! 

  35. Bianca Kartus says:

    Try camping with those lizards when they find ways into your tent haha

  36. BeautyByHan says:

    Loved this sammi, you look amazing & what an adventure! xxxx

  37. Aryl Gudaca says:

    Sooo cool! Love all Sammi’s tattoos especially the one on her feet

  38. Olivia Brooks says:

    please do a video on how you maintain your weave on hot summer days!
    and your tracks etc. 

  39. Jessica Roth says:

    Can you do a tattoo update :)?
    Im so in love with your tattoos and your videos 🙂
    Greets from germany :)

  40. Eugenia Mnykh says:

    If you pronounce ‘Siska’ on Russian, people would think you are saying

  41. luna_llmm says:

    Love your videoes! ♥
    Do you have any tips for curly/wavy hair .. because I sometimes struggle
    with my own hair :)

  42. Adaora Ezike says:

    Sammi, you are so fine

  43. Emmeline Beatty says:

    I have a Boston terrier Ahaha

  44. Iona Davis says:

    I loved this vlog! xxx

  45. voguelessisters says:

    that head tie looks so good on you!

  46. Nadera Ali says:

    Your still there?

  47. dudewheresmygnome08 says:

    Sammi you look stunning. I love your fluorescent bikini, your boobs look
    amazing! So jealous. 

  48. Ariel Yasmine says:

    “its like cocaine” im not the only one who heard that right?

  49. Gladys Escamilla says:

    OMG! So jealous of you right now. I live in Chicago and the weather is in
    the 40s and raining right now :(. I wish I could go to a place like that to
    tan and have fun. Loved your bathing suits!

  50. msLoli6853 says:

    I’d love to be there right now ..

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