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Psychedelic Salvia Trip Music IV – The Bread of God

The Bread of God 1. The Opening Weave 2. Prairie Dog 3. My Journey To Town 4. The Young Lion 5. In This Life, On This Earth 6. Brilliance 7. Hopping Bunnies …


25 Responses

  1. James Scott says:

    pretty good..but it would be allot better if it didn’t switch….blending
    it better would be frekn awesome

  2. MinockerSpanichle says:

    Not on anything right now, just sleep deprived, but I was full-on like WHAT
    THE FFFFFFk bjgkerngggrrrrrjgwlaaahhh….

  3. Peter Grenader says:

    Hey dude… I had a friend who got really hurt by wearing headphones while
    on acid…. thanks for caring (not).


  4. silentmajor says:

    you’re right, I’ll come back when I’m wasted

  5. TheMorook says:

    This is a brilliant video… thank you I almost discovered the origin of
    the universe

  6. Greyz174 says:

    why can’t i watch this sober?

  7. John Bush says:

    If only I had the luxury of tripping

  8. Julien Hewitt says:

    so where can we get the music???

  9. clintontheclinton says:

    This shit is awesome af

  10. TheDiamondBuffalo says:

    Wtf. Cx

  11. Douglas Lyons says:

    NUMBER 9

  12. kyra varoz says:

    whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa trippppin g balllllzzzzzz

  13. Alisha Kennelly says:

    Holy…shit you were right about coming back fked up

  14. airbag97 says:

    where can i BUY this album? i can’t find the band on sites like
    rateyourmusic or discogs

  15. Wes Khalifa says:


  16. Abhishek Jha says:

    My First Psychedelic Song [Seems Like Never Ending]

  17. Cabbolf says:

    Dude, that’s freaking insane, I love it!

  18. shubelu parkinson says:

    this was too scary dude.

  19. xcry1ngxk1ll3rx says:

    Stoned af an did sum acid thanks a lot made my day

  20. Maxence Penel says:

    This is enough with only 1 joint of chite (1 g) ??

  21. ba55letmysoulfly says:

    I watched like 2 seconds of this and now i’m afraid to go to sleep

  22. Not Inhuman says:

    Added to ‘watch later’

  23. Taylor Lowe says:


  24. mae amodt says:

    If i was stoned and watched this… it would be melting hard core.

  25. TrippyDialectFilm says:

    The Quest Within

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