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Spanish Beaches

Beaches in Spain: Alicante 2011 05 20, Barcelona 2011 07 07, Valencia 2012 06 28 Plaże w Hiszpanii: Alicante 2011 05 20, Barcelona 2011 07 07, Walencja 2012 …
Video Rating: 3 / 5 Director: Garry Marshall Stars: Bette Midler, Barbara Hershey and John Heard Plot: A privileged rich debutante and a cynical struggling …
Video Rating: 4 / 5


31 Responses

  1. Frank Costello says:




  3. yragoner says:

    The first beach looked nice the others – over crowded and industrialized
    hell holes

  4. Zenn Films says:

    Nice beaches!

  5. adamrules01 says:

    Yeah, we ALL came here to see the beaches…yes…

  6. Ike Munoz says:

    road trip (;

  7. Don Baxley says:

    Ugly Beach

  8. yield269 says:

    Too bad its windy as fuck there

  9. Snoopy4391 says:

    4:13 they think you’re a prev. xD

  10. CostadelaluzVideos says:

    If you like endless sandy beaches with crystal clear waters, give the Costa
    de la Luz a try. This unspoilt Atlantic coast of Andalucía is still a well
    kept secret to non-Spanish tourists. Due to the absence of an international
    airport until 1993 this wonderful part of Spain has not been taken over by
    mass tourism and you can still experience the real Andalucía here…..

  11. khayelitshaissafe says:

    So what?

  12. Todd Boothbee says:

    Reminds me of Barcelona, and a week long drunk. I expected to see more of
    those funny sculptures near the beaches.

  13. Danny Howe says:

    How perverted can somebody be

  14. PAULAWOL41 says:

    over crowded, not my style.

  15. Charles Henderson says:

    About 3:19 seconds in, this video is worth watching for ten seconds after

  16. Monkey Tronic says:

    “Worst video ever!””

  17. mohamed helal says:

    The beach N.1

  18. SrAgri says:

    Quick scene at 2:21 and 3:16 is good, too.

  19. Alia Travers says:

    This is exactly why I don’t want to go back to Puerto Rico . They do the
    same thing there. Yeah sure the guys want to see it but some girls don’t.
    Like they wear thongs rather than a binki bottoms. I just don’t want titts
    flopping around in my face or your whole ass mooning me. Mine as well wear
    thongs and pasties? Or just run around naked. 

  20. Nancy Davis Brian says:

    Very nice. From an American who loves Spain its high culture, art,
    architecture, food, and history; I have found the Spanish beaches and beach
    life to be very beautiful. I have visited Spain several times and it is a
    stunning country. Be proud! :)

  21. Gary Doss says:

    Another video better watched without sound. Some day people will learn how
    to use a camera. 

  22. Alejandro Rodriguez says:


  23. Tyrone Bishop says:

    Where,s the zoom man? For gods sake!!

  24. Simo Sweditch says:

    un like men y me suscribo

  25. mrd jamal says:


  26. sherrie wesley says:

    I cry like a baby everytime i watch this movie..

  27. Mike Allgood says:

    Watching Beaches still makes me cry…

  28. MirMir171 says:

    is this a disney movie

  29. Piedad ramirez lopez says:

    I like the movie so much

  30. TaleSpinTV1990 says:

    I love this movie it’s so amazing I call it The Friendship Movie

  31. MirMir171 says:


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