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The Coolest Travel Hacks

We tried these travel hacks and thought they were all pretty dope. EXCEPT FOR ONE. Music: Photo Credit: male bod…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

18.000 kilometers, 10 month, 15 countries, two cyclists and one aim: Asia! From Germany to China by bike. Soundtrack: Trancendam & Laura Webb – “Aren’t You C…


50 Responses

  1. dimondrw says:

    I couldn’t do the chapstick money hack. I lose chapstick tubes as is, I’m
    sure I’d lose it even if it had money in it

  2. Martin Willett says:

    Did anybody notice the irony of first saying use dryer sheets to keep your
    clothes smelling fresh and then immediately afterwards suggesting shoving
    your clean socks and underwear inside your shoes?

  3. naplzt4k says:

    lol @ getting stopped for the straw thing…didn’t you guys look at it? It
    looks like something that can be swallowed and pooped out later.
    What’s the purpose of the money in the chapstick tube, you that worried
    about getting robbed? It seems like a guaranteed way to gunk up good

  4. ciberkid22 says:

    A link to a private video. Seems legit

  5. Dante Inugami says:


  6. Jay Rosene says:

    HOW on earth are u supposed to get the money out the chapstick ?!?!

  7. JCarolR says:

    the problem is that sometimes it’s not space what you need, what i
    constantly worry about is my suitcase being overweight, so space is what i
    don’t need, I have too much of it!

  8. Brownie says:

    I misse my bus! Thanks buzz feed for using up what I thought would only be
    two minutes 

  9. chloe jefferies says:

    what are some good sights for free samples

  10. thatonedoctor2 says:

    so… they thought it would be smart to put a straw part with toothpaste in
    it up their behind, and they thought it would be fine?

  11. goded03 says:

    i lol’ed so hard at the end ^^

  12. Ak PrOdIGyZ says:

    Hahhahahahahahhahahahaha that last joke hahahahaha

  13. eagelskater says:

    except for the toothpaste I like this

  14. Todd Morrow says:

    Who needs to be warned not to use plastic wrap as a condom?
    God, don’t we all use coffee filters?
    I thought the only debate was which is grosser,
    to use it first for the coffee, or the sex?

  15. ADuckInHD says:

    what kind of shoes are those? i like them

  16. Ryanne Smailes says:

    By a travel sized toothpaste not the straw 

  17. Alfred Pham says:

    That X-ray image

  18. Benjamin DeVries says:

    Seriously; learn to Army roll your shirts.

    I taught my mom after I got home from boot camp, and she still does it to
    this day because it saves so much space.

  19. Deniz Aydin says:

    i started pissing myself laughin at the toothpaste bit and it was 2 in the
    mornin and my da walked into my room and fucked a bomb at me and now im

  20. Max vK says:

    The last picture made me laugh xD

  21. Aryn Alexandra Lepsy says:

    Anything illegal and nefarious can be wrapped in tin foil (kept smooth as
    possible, not crinkled) – it will be invisible to the x-ray machines. Does
    not, however, deter drug-sniffing dogs. You’ll need to build a dog biscuit
    launcher to distract them.

  22. Lisa R says:

    My.daughter has a hedgehog

  23. c0d3r3d says:

    Rough, plastic bags don’t sound as smooth as ya know, them things. Yeow.

  24. Curse Tempo says:

    Then there is no point of bringing a bottle of wine if you’r going to empty
    in out. -_-

  25. sabrina desimone says:

    Until u loose the damn chapstick

  26. Anastasiya Kras says:

    such an inspiration

  27. Whooligan18 says:

    Cool journey, great video and you guys are lovely ! 

  28. SoulRidersTV says:

    Really wonderful film. Great editing. Wunderbar.

  29. DatTriple says:

    Very lucky to have a wonderful partner to go with. 

  30. erry mega herlambang says:

    You guys are awesome

  31. S D Butcher says:

    Cool trip, video is put together nicely. 

  32. Santi Roman i Guimaraes says:


  33. Liberty Mountain says:

    Let’s hear it for bike touring.
    Two +VAUDE athletes journey from Germany to China via bicycle. #biking #biketouring

  34. he lin says:

    where can i download your film ?

  35. GSS Leces says:

    Complete exploration adventure…

  36. Huy Le says:

    Who gonna filming when both u 2 on the camera?! Please tell me cause I
    intend to make a travel video too. Thanks!

  37. James Wight says:

    nice, I like the audio – what’s the 1st song please?

  38. K3CHU says:

    i want made a travel across europe in 2014 o 2015, from denmark to madrid.
    Your video is an inspiraton. GREAT!

  39. VAUDE says:

    hi. which scenes do you mean exactly?

  40. pengain4 says:


  41. G Botta says:

    Fantastic ! Congratulations 🙂

  42. VAUDE says:

    Der letzte Song ist “La Olla Express” von La Olla Express. 😉

  43. braunbaerhh says:

    Wow! Respekt vor diesen Leuten, die zu so etwas Mut haben.

  44. Tania V. says:


  45. VAUDE says:

    fast so genial wie dein clip 🙂

  46. shucksl12 says:


  47. brokuli86 says:

    Wow! wunderschönes Video, wunderschöne Reise! Respekt!

  48. VAUDE says:

    The first song is “Aren’t You Clever” by Trancendam & Laura Webb.

  49. george chan says:


  50. LifeDrop88 says:

    I admire you,awesome adventure!!

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