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Those Relaxing Sounds of Waves – Ocean Sounds, 1080p HD Video with Tropical Beaches

This relaxing video with ocean sounds is a part of the official Caribbean Lounge 3½ hour long series. Available in original full HD 1080p quality only on ☯☯☯…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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25 Responses

  1. LoungeV studio : Relaxing Nature Videos says:

    This video is a free preview for the official films and may contain Youtube
    ads. Please read the description above on how to download LoungeV films
    watermark free with the highest quality of picture and sound.

  2. Caleb Killian says:

    Law of Attraction! 

  3. jamnoise72 says:

    So beautiful healing and relaxing! just what I needed. No sun here for days
    and days and days. This video has just spiritually topped up my vitamin d
    levels! ;)

  4. N Wiess says:

    at 43:37 where is that?
    and at 45:28?

  5. Ben Mercurio says:

    0_ sad it ended

  6. Lucio Flavio says:

    Just for couples? =/

  7. Pretty Jane says:

    Where is this beach, would love to be there!

  8. Deep Night says:

    30 degrees and four inches of snow outside my window. I could stare at
    this all day.

  9. MAX PAYNE says:

    If i only had HD sound speaker Q_Q

  10. Roberta Rodriguez says:

    1,398 were still stressed.

  11. sreekanth mallela says:
  12. Jayson Sokalski says:

    I peed my bed 🙁 

  13. Tyra Wingard says:

    Stressed out- Sit back, relax, and just enjoy the sounds of the waves.

  14. g0ag1l says:

    i love the sea

  15. Lisa Richardson says:

    great background “music” 

  16. Fabio Cavalcanti says:

    Glory to God! Glória a Deus! presta mais atenção no 9:57!

  17. Diego Ramos says:


  18. LeKain08 says:

    Tonight…for all the couples in LOVE…

    Thank you reminding me i’m single. It’s definitely what I need to think
    about for relaxing… assh*le _….

  19. Samantha Landeros says:

    Thanks for the relaxation ♡

  20. Michael Lumbuku says:

    I can just imagine some guy planning a date for only an hour so that the
    soundtrack playing in the back doesnt stop lol

  21. Lo Li says:

    diner for 2? dine in 1080p? LOOOOOL
    couples dont need waves sounds, if theyre not relaxed when together just
    have sex, for god sake

  22. Robert Infinger says:

    nice recording too many distractions.. i needed whit noise, not rhythmic
    crickets and adds to disrupt my thought. Otherwise, beautiful sound.

  23. Felicia Razzano says:

    That’s Why I Love Water falls the sounds they make…just relaxes
    me….thank u Anthony. .

  24. Judith Ikechukwu says:


  25. Joel Mathiason says:

    The part of the video where the text “Romantic Dinner for Two” pops up was
    shot along Highway 44 about 2-3 km northeast of Paraiso, Dominican
    Republic. I can’t speak for the rest of the video. But I would guess it’s
    all the same island. There is a photo posted on Google Earth that is
    nearly identical to the framing in the video. It’s taken at the same
    overlook spot on the cliff.

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