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Time travel & Stargate portals are Real and Exist on Earth Today!

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21 Responses

  1. Barney Winner says:

    The illuminati Ashkenazi Babylon bloodline have jump light technology.

  2. Mikael Lindberg says:

    This is a very interesting video.
    It’s about Time Travel, and The Bell (Die Glocke)

  3. Marie Jose says:

    If they cld timetravel why not safe twintowers kennedy etc

  4. Marv Ack says:

    Diglahk? SOOD-a-tin Mountains? The narrator doesn’t even bother trying to
    get the right pronunciation.

  5. jpsmart59 says:

    Hitler is now in hell burning for his sins and his failed attempt at the
    take over of the world proves he didn’t master time travel. End of story.

  6. Michele Stanton says:

    Oh yes. It makes perfect sense that Hitler had the ultimate knowledge of
    time travel and access to “liquid mercury”. Minus the fact that he lost the
    war and practically everything he initially tried to achieve. I mean…
    duh? ;)

  7. onewyatt1 says:

    Truth is stranger than this crap. Hitler was trying to waist some resources
    because he was getting beyond where his handlers expected he would. Hitler
    wasn’t trying to win the war, he by doing the bidding of others was putting
    down a power play that the rest of the world knew nothing about. The man
    was paid for and did his job and got to retire in Argentina. Almost all
    wars and revolutions over the past 2 or 3 thousand years has been to put
    down power plays by them that were trying to brake away from the keepers of
    the old knowledge handed down from the days of Babylon. Read the code talk
    of Plato and the like and see it for what it is. Look at the symbols that
    remain the same over the last 3,500 years. Its the same old same old.
    History hidden when seen thru understanding eyes is clear. Maybe I am just
    another fruit cake but maybe I’m not. Makes for some good study in any

  8. SPRPhilly says:

    0:45 – Simpsons did it, Simpsons did it!

  9. DudeCrafter says:

    Interesting but very hard to believe 

  10. james stroud says:

    The Antichrist is not the one being it is all those who take part and
    participating in the agenda of the understanding of the archetype symbol of
    what we come to recognize as a tetrahedron with an i this is to blame and
    point the finger at one entity when in reality it is all that are the
    Antichrist bismillah

  11. Seeking Truth says:

    Here is proof they have manipulated our timeline. Remember the Berenstein
    Bears childrens books. Well now they say Berenstain Bears. They left this
    timeline relatively recently, probably after 2005 and whatever they did
    where ever they went had the anamolous effect of causing this family name
    to be changed. The author’s last name used to be Berenstein but in this
    timeline it’s Berenstain. Go on ebay and look it up. There are ads that
    advertise Berenstein Bears books but when you look at the cover of the book
    it actually says Berenstain. We all remember it was Berenstein but now all
    books say Berenstain. This is probably what they are using CERN for. This
    is real proof and serious. I know it may shake you up to realize this truth
    but just remember even though the universe can be manipulated your
    consciousness is your own and they can’t change it or it would have been
    changed along with the physical objects that were changed like all the book
    covers. No this proves that consciousness is real and that is what you
    really are.

  12. paul ryder says:

    Interesting possibilities, still not sure whether or not to be a believer,
    however, there are now quantum computers, which are to be used by the
    select few major companies which can afford them.. + Everything is changing
    constantly, nothing is the same at any point, who knows what is true? and
    surely truth is just conscious belief, complicated by things we call fact
    and fiction.. Nice documentary non the less, food for thought ;)

  13. cruisersism says:

    check out, President Obama time travels to see JFK

  14. nicky Uann says:

    photos can be edited so they are 0 proof of time travel.

  15. pan panas says:

    only great civilations would be able to invent time travel thats why they
    got so many monuments and discoveries like arts maths democrasy physics ect
    so maybe the greeks or the babylonians they might discover it in the future
    and return to the past to change the histoy like it is changed now 🙂 wow
    mindblowing 😛

  16. VAMPYR ENGEL says:

    A Stargate in Antarctica? hmmmmmm I wonder if there is another where the
    damn USA and UK Government don’t know about , if it could be a gateway to
    an uninhabited SuperEarth it have such enriching possibilities
    since…………….. hmmm

  17. Gary Myrie says:

    I love to travel through time if I can get the chance.

  18. David Beehner says:

    Don’t blame a race for this. It is the work of Satan. Nothing more. There
    is a effort to cause racial tention. Jesus saves his people of all races.

  19. chino1430 says:

    Only white people? Hmmm. Maybe this substantiates what Farrakhan has been
    teaching about The Wheel. As black people this is not our planet. So our
    god will show up to take us to our home as it says in the bible and leave
    satan here on earth to continue to create his hybrid beings and their
    computer controlled world. Sounds promising!

  20. perlaand says:

    Stargate portals? Sure, I just came through one of them. 

  21. hannaluna3 says:

    Our Sun is a stargate..

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