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Travel the World Video: an Epic 80 Day Montage

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3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38000 miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and a terabyte of footage = the trip of a lifetime. Start your own a…
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50 Responses

  1. Nathan Yun says:

    No offense, but all I see is Asia Asia Asia and Asia

  2. Jimmy Ray says:

    how much did it all cost? 

  3. Brian Andrus says:

    How do you make your money to travel? Also I love the idea of experiences
    over possessions! I like your mindset!

  4. Rhys White says:

    Asia is amazing to me and fascinates me, Never been outside if Europe and
    it’s like a dream when you live in a boring place like England. I hope to
    see more of Asia. Nathan Yun.

  5. Brandon Raboin says:

    haha love those smoothies with the yogurt balls in them =] 

  6. FunforAlly says:

    Does anyone know the song played

  7. Łukasz Lewandowski says:

    what is this place?? 4:10 ;))

  8. Eziol Gold says:

    I like how u showed the philippines first haha. Kewl vid

  9. Gordon Attard says:

    I could have saved you some money on all your trips.

  10. Carlos Eduardo Sandes Lima says:

    Muito bom o video. Very good video.
    I would have money to make this dream of traveling the world.
    At least I’ve traveled to some neighboring countries
    Sorry mistakes, do not speak and write well in English language.

  11. dyingtotravel says:

    Awesome. I plan on traveling for a year in august of this year!

  12. fanadka impire says:

    its only in asia, even part of asia, where the rest of the world.

  13. Hoàng Minh Nguyễn says:

    What is the name of the song at middle of movie? and which camera did you
    use for your journey?

  14. AJkilla28 says:

    How do you get all the money to travel around the world that my dream to.

  15. Lewis Jackson says:

    Thats a nice video you got! Great travels!

  16. Michelle Mendoza says:

    Help me travel for educational purposes, a small donation would help;
    anything. Thank you!

  17. Alejandro Fredes says:

    What’s the name of the song while he’s talking? 

  18. Nicole Heker says:

    This is absolutely inspiring. Is there a way that I could contact you to
    ask you some questions?? It would be greatly appreciated.

  19. Escape 2 says:

    Today it’s Summer Solstice and if your needing inspiration for the rest of
    the year watch this video.

  20. Karen Scales says:

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    your Hotels, Car Rentals, and Airfairs: “VISIT THIS SITE”

  21. Mrlistenandlearn says:

    Great vid…Which camera did you use?

  22. says:

    Did Cathay Pacific sponsor your air fare? You inspire me. I have traveled
    to many countries but still have a lot to see. I would love to do a RTW.

  23. MrAdabeesi says:

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    to this internet site at I have stumbled upon quite a
    few amazingly cheap resorts and even flight tickets. This may allow you to
    save cash on your upcoming trip as well.

  24. Mike Corey says:

    @globetrotterking “+1”

  25. huh says:

    @pancakes537 : i’ve met a lot of female backpackers when i was traveling.
    budget depends on how you wanna spend your trip. eat on the street instead
    of fancy restaurants. cheap hostels instead of 5-star hotels. book flights
    in advance instead of regular fare. you can “camp” to certain places to
    save on accommodation expense. you can check online for promo fare for your
    airline tickets. you can bike your way around (ive heard stories of
    backpackers who bike from europe to southeast asia).

  26. Ryan Root says:

    Possibly the coolest thing I’ve ever seen on YouTube

  27. sebastiano5551 says:

    The music please?

  28. Sergio Vázquez says:


  29. Irish Alfon says:

    Move = Life

  30. Guzal Norkulova says:
  31. gabrielebaldin says:

    very nice !!! 

  32. JenJourneys says:

    I am always mesmerized by these short little fast moving vids. And you,
    sir, are very cute!

  33. Zaptravel says:

    Why should you #travel? #zaptravel

  34. Jawaher Ajram says:


  35. Azahari Roslan says:

    Simple n Nice :)

  36. paulos katsonis says:

    Awesome!!! <3 :D

  37. Wouter Mantel says:

    2 cameras. What do you need a second camera for?

  38. kiran pandian says:

    the Background score synchs well with the vid.kinda gives an adrenaline

  39. Rami Baassiri says:

    +Dalia Abi Mosleh Really nice
    1 second in every country over 6 years

  40. Mariana Luna says:

    Move – Eat – Learn… 3 videos. Les comparto Move. ENJOY!!!

  41. Keta Ketsky says:

    hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh amazing <3

  42. Omair Issyid says:

    Now that’s something CREATIVE! 😉
    Awesome one guys

  43. John Wilson says:

    i want to be like him :((


  44. Yulee Salvarita says:

    i have always loved this video. brilliant!

  45. Jenny manolidou says:

    Πολύ τέλειο!

  46. Specials for Today says:

    Move: STA Travel Agency Location at UNSW (E15) Quadrangle Building !

  47. Reyn Motin says:

    Anyone can travel :))))))))) Love the concept ! dream to do this someday <3

  48. Alex Glassman says:

    Though this gave me an epileptic attack, this was also quite remarkable.

  49. Elis Khánh Linh Bùi says:

    OMG so excited !!!

  50. Majed Alanazi says:

    the fact that they didn’t visit KSA? shame on them, they should have
    visited us, we would let all the camels bow and greet them 😀

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