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‘Vacation’ reunion: Chevy Chase and the original Griswolds get back together

We found out, long ago, it’s a long way down the holiday road. It’s just difficult to believe how long ago that was. Nearly 30 years have passed since ‘Natio…


25 Responses

  1. The picture of an eye says:

    Beverly is about as hot as a frozen drum stick after going under the knife

  2. dogloverNV says:

    Dana doesn’t look a day over 25. Incredible that she’s pushing 50. She’s
    doing something right! :)

  3. Tommy gun says:

    imagine if they made a sequel lol

  4. patio87 says:

    Beverly is a plastic surgery success story, wow.

  5. Joluvslilhorses says:

    I wish they would make another one with Chevy Chase and Beverly D. As
    grandparents.!!!!!! I think they could prolly come up with some funny

  6. what? says:

    Beverly D’Angelo looks like a mannequin, pretty scary looking.

  7. 1Nature Lady says:

    Sometimes when I clean house I have this movie on. Actually I love Caddy
    Shack and so many others. I miss John Candy and Dana Hill so much. These
    movies bring back so many funny memories and I thank them for it. I always

  8. egojames007 says:

    rip Harold Ramis…..we loved all your stuff…but this is my favorite
    movie you directed. I am so like Chevy was in the 80’s…..I loved this

  9. 1ls376 says:

    Beverly D’Angelo still incredibly HOT. Chevy Chase still incrdibly not

  10. Can Oktay says:

    You can watch all the vacation movies free on mobile…putlocker free movie

  11. md65000 says:

    I’m the same age as the kids. I was SO in love with Dana back when this
    movie came out– and now I’m in love with her again. Man she’s friggin

  12. Thomas Quintana says:

    Cool !!

  13. thenudo says:

    Chevy is among an elite few in history who can do REAL comedy on the fly.
    He’s amongst the best ever!

  14. charlieflint says:

    Beverly D’Angelo still looking good, Dana now smokin’ hot!!!

  15. Wogsy Kirk says:

    Poor Beverlys face is frozen fucking solid. I mean look at it.
    Why can’t women grow old gracefully? That is not a good look at all.
    Still, National Lampoons vacation is a classic film. I watched it last
    night and it was brilliant. Im currently watching the European vacation
    movie and man does it suck balls. It is very very bad.

  16. doobyboy21 says:

    God bless these great actors ! Wouldn’t have been the 80’s without them for
    sure !!

  17. Melissa Nichols says:

    Dana is smoking hot! Holly shit.

  18. donovan stuart says:

    Holy smokes Dana Barron grew up nice. Wow…

  19. Cybopath says:

    makes you wonder why the kids kept changing in the sequels.

  20. MarcusMarkyMark says:

    One of my top ten films ever!! No arguments please, an absolute classic.

  21. Ashley Duquette says:

    These movies are family classics in our family and we try to live this way
    on our vacation with the exception of grandma strapped to the roof!!!

  22. JaRell Rayshawn Collins says:

    Thanks ABC for gettin the original family back together!

  23. verve92 says:

    Christ, Bev DeAngelo looks great

  24. Mark Niles says:

    That is a movie to remember, LOL!!!…National Lampoon’s Vacation is a

  25. TheEyeOfTheSpider123 says:

    1:03 who else thought “the Griswolds are back”?

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