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PlayStation 5 Gameplay and what games to expect ((Ps5))

The PlayStation   has decided to reschedule its ps5 games event due the conflict and rioting  in the United States.

Sony was due to live-stream on june 4th with a whooping  hour of PS5 game content and game play , showcasing footage from some of the biggest players in the  games industry  from well known developers to independent producers . But all that has now been postpone and put on hold for  more important things happening in the states  its difficult time for everyone in the USA. As things are at upmost critical time Check out the tweet in full below:

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As we approach the autumn release window, more and more PS5 games have either have been officially confirmed by developers or heavily rumoured to feature on Sony’s next-generation system. Although we’ve not seen the console itself just yet, we already know how we’re going to be playing all these titles: the reveal of the DualSense controller, with its haptic feedback and new ergonomic shape, took place earlier this year. Its in-built microphone and new Create function looks set to usher in a new era of social gaming.

Elsewhere, we know the console will boast 3D spacial audio, advanced ray tracing, 8K graphics and backwards compatibility with “most” PS4 games. It certainly sounds capable of rivalling the Xbox Series X’s specifications.

This will be the controller you’ll be playing all these new games on

(Image credit: Sony)

A smattering of titles like GodfallOutriders, Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla and more are due to arrive when the PS5 launches. Other titles such as Gods and Monsters are confirmed as coming in 2021, along with heavily-rumoured continuations of existing franchises such as Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid. Starfield and Elder Scrolls VI, both from Bethesda, will follow later down the line.

A futuristic-looking PlayStation 5 console will likely be part of some great Black Friday bundle deals this year. As Christmas approaches, there’s sure to be a PS5 under quite a few trees: imagine picking up a DualShock 5 for the first time and getting stuck into Gran Turismo 7Ratchet & Clank or Godfall on Boxing Day. Now that is gaming nirvana.

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We’ll update this article on a regular basis as new information reaches our ears and the June 4 stream happens, so come back and find out whether your most-anticipated title has made the list.

The most exciting thing for PlayStation gamers right now is, unlike the PlayStation 4 launch window, which was largely devoid of absolutely killer PS4 games, the PS5 is already looking like it could have one of the best first year game lineups ever.

HERE ARE the PS5 GAMES list : PLAYSTATION 5 GAMES set to take off with a blast!


  • Godfall – a fantasy role-playing game focused around third-person melee combat and hunting down loot. Developed by Counterplay and published by Gearbox, it’s due out in late 2020.
  • Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege will have a next-gen version, which will have cross-generation multiplayer. “For example, PlayStation 5 players can play with PlayStation 4 players, and Xbox Series X players can play with Xbox One players,” creative director Leroy Athanassoff explained.
  • Warframe was announced as branching out to next-gen consoles in a financial report by Leyou Technologies.

Other confirmed PS5 games explained

Below you’ll find all the other confirmed PS5 games. These games will released onto multiple platforms, including PC, the Xbox Series X and last gen consoles.

  • Paradise Lost – an “emotion driven mystery” from Polyamorous Games about a boy exploring a bunker in a post-war landscape. Also coming to Xbox Series X and PC.
  • Dirt 5 – the latest addition to the long-running rally driving series from Codemasters. This game is also coming to PS4.
  • Chorus – this story driven, single-player space shooter is being published by Deep Silver. It will also be available on PS4.
  • Madden 21 – this game is the next entry in the annual EA sport franchise. You will also be able to purchase this game for the PS4.
  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines – a sequel to the fan-favourite game published by Paradox, which will also be available on the PS4.

  • Observer: System Redux – A next-gen remaster of Bloober Team’s 2017 science-fiction horror game, due out for release in 2020.
  • The Lord of the Rings: Gollum – this game will follow Gollum’s adventures, as the evil influence of the One Ring and the remnants of Sméagol battle for his mind. Developed by Daedalic Entertainment, it will be released in 2021 and it was first revealed in the February 2020 edition of Edge.



  • Outriders is a one-to-three player co-operative shooter created by Bulletstorm studio People Can Fly, set for release by the end of 2020.
  • WRC 9 from Kylotonn will be coming to new consoles after debuting on PS4, Xbox One and PC in September.

As well as the above full reveals for PlayStation 5 games, other confirmations have also been trickling through:

  • Upcoming Ubisoft games Gods & Monsters, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Quarantine and Watch Dogs Legion were mentioned as coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in a conference call, as reported by

All PlayStation 5 launch games on release

Here are the confirmed PlayStation 5 games confirmed to launch alongside the console so far (the date of which has yet to be confirmed, aside from ‘2020’):

Beyond that, there have been few other announcements – though it’s possible some exclusive or first-party games will make the launch line-up.

With the PlayStation 5 on its way, we’ve written guides on everything we currently know about PS5 specs, the PS5 controller and upcoming PS5 games you’ll be able to play. Until then, for existing PS4 owners, find out the PlayStation Plus games for this month.

Unconfirmed, but likely, PS5 games

Currently we don’t know much about the upcoming games for the PS5, since there are a lot of titles that still need to be confirmed. We can, however, make some good guesses about what we believe will be appearing on the PS5.

These games include:

  • A new project from Bluepoint Games, the developer of the PS4 Shadow of the Colossus remake. “We’re working on a big one right now,” president Marco Thrush teased to Wired, “I’ll let you figure out the rest.” For extra context, the studio told Digital Foundry in 2018 that their next project is another remake, which makes it easy to assume these two games are one and the same.
  • Cyberpunk 2077 – announced as the first non-Microsoft ‘Smart Delivery’ game, which means purchases on Xbox One will be upgraded to an Xbox Series X game for free “when available” as part of the same purchase. Though not confirmed yet, it’s likely PS5 will get the same treatment (though whether you have to also pay for the upgrade is also unknown).
  • Starfield, Bethesda’s space-based role-playing adventure, is still a few years away, making it a next gen game.
  • Countless yearly franchises, live service games and popular apps. Will Forza, FIFA, Call of Duty and Madden be coming to the new Xbox? Almost certainly. EA in particular has said (via some games on current consoles will get free Xbox Series X and PS5 upgrades.

If you want to know more about the PS5, then check out our pages on the PS5 specs and PS5 controller.


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